Oscar Fever

Are you ready for the red carpet this Sunday?  I have to admit, I am not as excited this year for the nominations.  To be fair, I haven’t viewed all of the Best Picture nominations, but that’s just it.  I wasn’t dying to watch them all as I have in years past.
There are two standouts for me:  Midnight in Paris and Demian Bicher (A Better Life).  I loved, loved, loved Midnight in Paris.  I’m a huge Woody Allen fan and this gorgeous film featuring Paris as its main star will be a long-time favorite.  Remember when I mentioned the opening scene?  I watched A Better Life on DVD and I was blown away by Demian Bicher’s performance.  It was strong yet quiet.  He was perfect.
So, who are you rooting for this year at the Oscars?
Update on my Sequin Mania shopping spree: I am keeping the Parker and Cynthia Steffe dresses (shopping links posted in the earlier blog post):
I didn’t think I would love the Parker dress, but I am so happy I ordered this dress.  First, the lighter color is versatile and I can wear it year round.  The Cynthia Steffe is very pretty with the black tulle, but it has a fall and winter dress vibe to it (so a max of 2 seasons per year).  Second, the Parker dress is truly a wrap dress so the fit is adjustable and I love the front of the dress since it’s flattering.
I am returning the French Connection sequin dress and the Joie lace top.  The dress fit me, no problem, but if you don’t have a flat stomach/abs, this dress will show off any bumps or lumps.  Also, I wasn’t loving the cowl neck on it either.  I think I’m over cowl necks in general, it looks so sloppy and undone to me.  The Joie top was very pretty, but I didn’t like where the bottom hem hit on my body and the fit was very boxy.  Also, the top is pricey at around $200, it just didn’t look like it was worth $200.
I need to be on a temporary shopping fast, so I am refraining for Lent.
Any weekend plans or new purchases that you’d like to share?  Enjoy your weekend!  xo

the ‘miracle’ dress

I just read an article about the ‘miracle’ dress that Kate Winslet has worn twice for 2 different red carpet events.  It’s Stella McCartney’s ‘Ottavia’ two-tone dress and it’s available now at Neiman Marcus (link above) for $1,545.  The price is steep, but you can see why Kate likes this dress.  Her body is already beautiful, but it looks even more curvaceous with the flattering colorblocking on the sides.
I could use a miracle dress, but the only lesser-priced alternative I found online is Asos for $51.92 in 2 different color combinations:
Alas, I will refrain from buying a ‘miracle’ dress since I went mental buying a bunch of other ‘miracle’ dresses from Anthropologie recently (see the madness here).  But, if you’re in the market for something that accentuates or creates curves and need to whittle your waist, then this Asos dress may be your saving grace.
What do you think?  Do you have any clothing items that flatter or have ‘miracle’ status?
Have a great hump day Wednesday!  xo

sequin love

I just ordered this sequin dress for an upcoming trip to South Beach-Miami.  I am so excited.  Miami is one of my favorite party cities, I’ve been there 3 times already.  I wanted to wear something befitting the hotness of the city, its people and the scene.  So, I’m thinking sequins.  Lots of sequins.
Once again, Lord & Taylor has come to the rescue for offering a dress that I want for a MUCH lower price.  I found this dress at Bloomingdale’s on sale for $225 (from the original price of $375).  But at Lord & Taylor?  $131.24, but wait, there’s more!  L&T is running a 20% off promotion online, BIG, so I got the dress for $104.80.  But, I had to pay $12.95 for standard shipping (boo!), but still much cheaper than the sale price at the other store.
If you’re interested, here’s the dress on the L&T site.
I’m off to search for more South Beach worthy dresses, but if you come across something, I’d love to hear it!
Have a great week!  xo
eta:  Okay, I’ve ordered 2 more dresses for South Beach and a lace blouse I’ve been wanting ever since I saw it on Pinterest weeks ago.
I hope they look okay on me when they arrive.  What do you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  I’m thinking I am done with sequins for now.  If the 3 dresses work out, then I’m good on sequins for a long time.  At least for another 10 New Year’s Eve parties, right?

R.I.P. Whitney

I heard the news tonight about Whitney Houston’s untimely death.  I grew up with her music from the 1980’s.  She died at 48 years old.  That is too young, celebrity or not.  I am deeply saddened by her death.  She was a Jersey girl, like me.  In her prime, her voice was one of the best ever.  She did not need auto-tune or even accompanying instruments.  Her voice was her instrument–timeless, strong and inspiring.  Rest in peace, Ms. Houston.

OOTD & Superbowl @ Indy

Green Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Fanny’ sweater (old); Navy Anthropologie Pieced Column Dress; Modern Vintage ‘Frannie’ cognac boots (old) 

Just got back from a long weekend in Indianapolis for the Superbowl and all the related hoopla.  It was my first Superbowl that I attended.  Not only is the actual game a huge deal, but the spectacle surrounding it is mind-blowing.  Lots of events, concerts, dinners/tastings, parties, etc.  I am still tired from the big weekend, but I am psyched that the GIANTS WON!

The above outfit was worn for the Taste of the NFL event, an eating & drinking extravaganza featuring tastes from renowned chefs from all of the NFL team cities.  Lots of money was raised for local and national food banks in its quest to fight hunger.  I’m glad I wore something warm since it was held in a ginormous warehouse and flat boots (lots of walking around to visit all the food & wine stands).  I think Sara Evans was the headlining act for the concert afterwards, but we didn’t stay for it.

As for the outfit, I loved how comfortable the Anthro dress was.  It did not ride up at all with all the walking that I did.  Plus, the material was forgiving after all the food, heh.  I purchased the MbMJ sweater jacket in late 2010, and it’s a great piece.  It is very warm and it finishes an otherwise super casual look.  You can button it up further (see below), but I wanted to have more of a portrait collar look.

I hope the moss green and navy looked good together, I packed the same Anthro dress in neutral but I didn’t feel like changing once I put on the navy dress.