travel outfits

I had a luggage malfunction going to Spain.  It was lost somewhere and I was without my stuff for a day plus.  I’ve since learned that I should pack the bare essentials for an outfit and a toothbrush for my carry-on bag.  But this was the first time this has happened and if you know me, I have traveled a fair amount all over the place.  But, I was very lucky to have people who ran our tour to help me get my luggage (I don’t speak Spanish) and because of them, I was reunited with my stuff.  It’s funny, I missed my skincare and makeup more than my clothes.

Here are some outfits from the trip.  You’ve seen many of the items before in earlier blog posts.  If you have a question about what I’m wearing, please feel free to ask in the comments.  I’m still trying to figure out the formatting of this new WordPress site (not sure if I can do detail captions like before), but I’m trying to get some comments on here.  I feel like my blog is a black hole sometimes because I don’t know if anyone is checking in.

I wanted to look pulled together for the trips, especially for the daytime.  I made the mistake of just having a sweatshirt hoodie for my Argentina trip last year and was surprised by the cooler than anticipated temperatures (I checked the weather forecast right before our departure).  So, I was stuck with that stupid hoodie and was photographed in it a lot (not by me or my husband and unknowingly too).  I’ve learned to pack a bunch of cute light jackets and blazers.  Layering is key, even when it’s warm outside.  They blast air conditioning everywhere anyway, so I always bring a jacket.  When it’s time for vacation picture taking, the jackets and blazers pull it all together.  Trust.



I’m still on the fence about those orange paisley capri pants from J. Crew Factory, the print is bolder than what I’m used to wearing, but it’s in a lighter fabric so it was very comfortable.

I took a picture of my friend’s Kate Spade binocular necklace (she said she got on sale on Kate Spade’s website, you can sign up for flash sale alerts).  I love it.  I want one but it’s not available anymore.  ::: sad face :::


spain in pictures



Si, Espana!


Last week in Spain during a Las Rocas winery tour in the Calatayud/Rioja region.  They gave us the red/black scarves to wear during the tour, which is what the local farmers wear.

Okay, have a little patience please.  I am trying to figure out how to post on here with both text and pictures.  I guess I can do only 1 picture in a post at a time?



Blogger just ate my post about my Spain trip.  I had a couple of outfit photos in there too.  There’s an hour I’ll never get back.

If this is not fixed asap, I may kill the blog or look for another blog site.  Anyone know of a good and free blog site that I can try?

Thank you!  I hope this posts.