Hola Hermosas!

I’m back from Cabo San Lucas and what a trip!  It was our first time visiting this beautiful Mexican destination and we fell in love with the people and landscape where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez.  My husband and I were celebrating our third year wedding anniversary and this vacation was a wonderful opportunity to kick back and relax.  No phones, emails, etc.  Ahhh.

I highly recommend our resort, the Capella Pedregal.  Our room suite was spacious, luxurious and even had its own infinity plunge pool on the terrace, which had the Pacific Ocean right before you.  The resort itself is on the best piece of property on Cabo, situated between 2 huge rock formations that is a stone’s throw away from The Arch and a close walk into town.

We were both very sad to leave Cabo and Capella Pedregal.  Even more sad when the second leg of our return connection flight was canceled (due to the snow–what to the what?!) and we had already flown the first connecting flight into Denver.  We had to hole up overnight there.  The Rockies were gorgeous, by the way, but we did not have the proper clothing with us for this unexpected stay.

One of our best vacations ever and we hope to return someday soon to Cabo.  Hasta luego!
Anyone been to Mexico?  How was your experience?

Check Yo Self

I just read about Giuliana Rancic and her battle with breast cancer.  I’ve always liked her but not enough to follow her reality show with her husband, lol.  I already knew October is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but I sort of glossed over all the PSA’s on TV and in the magazines.  But, I sympathized for Giuliana and Bill’s well-documented struggle to have a baby and the fact that she’s under 40 caused me to take notice.

I must get my annual mammogram, especially since I’m in that targeted age group (40 years old and up, unless your doctor medically advises otherwise).  So, I am promising myself to get a mammogram scheduled as soon as possible.  If you need help locating an American College of Radiology accredited facility (I got this info from the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website), you can enter your desired location on ACR’s website here.

It’s not scary, I had my first mammogram done a little over a year ago.  So, I am well overdue on getting myself checked out.

I urge you to do the same, if it applies to your situation.  As they say, prevention is the best medicine and failing this, early detection is the next best thing.

Mark Your Calendar!

Ciao, bella!  It’s all over the blogosphere, but in case you didn’t hear, Macy’s Impulse department is doing another designer capsule collection, Giambattista Valli, which debuts on October 26th!  This is very exciting because most of the stores I frequent don’t carry this high end designer (or any high end designer, really) and if they do, believe me, I don’t trek to that section (mega $$$$$).  The buzz is that nothing in the Macy’s collection will be above $150–sweetness.

The collection is available to view online here, but here are my favorite looks of the bunch:

The collection is very European chic.  I liked how GV did not dumb down the design for this capsule collection.  To give you an example, check out this GV dress via Neiman Marcus ($1,900) versus the Macy’s Impulse version (price unknown but should be $150 or less):

Neiman Marcus
Macy’s Impulse

I have to say, Macy’s Impulse has been putting out some great clothing lately!  Karl Lagerfeld (discussed here), Matthew Williamson, and now Giambattista Valli.  Love it.

I had a disappointing experience with Target’s Missoni fiasco where everything sold out the morning of the launch.  I went to 3 Targets that morning and there were tumbleweeds rolling by when I spied the empty clothing racks and shoe shelves.  Online shopping on Target’s website was not happening due to insane traffic.

Well, shopping at Macy’s Impulse is the opposite of that.  Especially if you head over to the Herald Square Macy’s in NYC.  I love this particular location so very much as it’s a New York institution.

Okay, now it’s time for some random stuff!

My husband and I just watched a great film that we both enjoyed, White Irish Drinkers.  Great story and plot.  It’s available on Netflix now and we streamed it, easy peasy.  Here’s the trailer:

Next are some of the shoes I’ve been lusting after from afar:

In order from top to bottom: Chanel, Charlotte Olympia, Gucci and Isabel Marant.

What do you think about the upcoming Macy’s Impulse collection (anything catch your fancy)?  How about the lust-worthy shoes and boots?

Bill Cunningham New York

I just watched this movie on Netflix and I really loved it.  Bill Cunningham is a photographer/columnist for the New York Times and has been chronicling fashion trends in his columns “On the Street” and “Evening Hours” for decades.  I remember as a teenager in the 1980’s (yes, I am ancient), I would read the Style section of the Sunday Times first to check out the “On the Street” to see what was hot on all of the cool/rich/subversive/artist/clubkids/etc. denizens of Manhattan.  I had no clue about Bill Cunningham and after watching this documentary, I am glad I learned a little bit about him and who he is.  I don’t want to give any spoilers because I urge you to watch this film.  You won’t be disappointed.

Is there a film you’d like to recommend?  I love to watch movies, so any suggestions are welcome.
Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

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