25% off j.crew new arrivals

Top row: Eyelet dress in warm clover; Ruffle striped skirt in brunswick blue; Eyelet dress in white.

Bottom row: Tassel earrings in white; Link necklace in white; Clear bow iPhone case; Tassel earrings in navy.

Tassel earrings in white; Link necklace in white; Eyelet dress in white.

Spring is in the air! It’s time for breezy eyelet dresses, ruffled skirts and lots of white. Promo code HOPTOIT provides 25% off your purchase for new arrivals and 40% off sale items at J.Crew.

I recently purchased the white eyelet dress, necklace and earrings as you can see in the second image above. I recommend all three items for a white refresh (the dress is true to size). I plan on wearing the dress and either the earrings or the necklace for my daughter’s upcoming baptism.

I just ordered the green eyelet dress (it also comes in white and in navy versions) in my usual size (regular 0). This shade of green is so vivid and lively. I ordered the ruffle skirt in petite size 2 because I wanted the shorter length for my shorter legs. I loved the tassel earrings so much in white, that I ordered the same pair in navy. And I need a new phone case since my current case is cracked. Please check back for reviews!

Hope you are enjoying your spring! Have a great week, xx.

Madewell is NOTKIDDING around

Pull-on shorts in almost black and foliage green & embroidered top in eyelet white (there’s also a black version of this top).

Madewell is doing a April Fools’ Day weekend promotion online and in stores, which ends tonight at 11:59 pm with code NOTKIDDING (20% off your $100+ purchase or 30% off your $200+ purchase). The above are my recent purchases, where my goal was to find postpartum-friendly clothing. You know embroidered is my jam and this top looks very cheerful. The pull-on shorts are highly rated online and they have pockets. I ordered both the black and olive green colors.

Happy Monday to you, cheers to a great week for all of us! xx

baby girl is here

My sincerest apologies for the radio silence. Our baby girl arrived earlier than expected in March, at 37 weeks and 2 days. I discovered I had severe pre-eclampsia at a routine pregnancy no-stress test (oh, the irony) and it was go time for delivering this baby (I had no choice in the matter). They induced labor on a Friday and about 73 hours later, our daughter was finally born. It was a rough labor and a crazy delivery for the both of us. Then, we had to stay at the hospital for a week post-delivery due to our respective medical issues.

I’m still dealing with high blood pressure and some other medical complications but fortunately our baby girl is doing well at home and thriving. We are over the moon with our little one and cannot believe she is ours and we are hers. She is in a word, perfect.

Welcome to the world, sweet baby girl.

Welcome to Lexiland

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