I ♥ NY

Best opening scene ever.  I watched Woody Allen’s Manhattan late last night on HBO and enjoyed it immensely.  But the opening scene of New York was remarkable.  It’s very similar to the opening scene of his most recent film, Midnight in Paris, which I also love dearly (and is nominated for several Oscars).  Both NYC and Paris are home to me, I can never get enough of them, warts and all.

Hard to believe that Manhattan was released in 1979.  But George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue playing in the background as the cityscapes of NYC unfold before your eyes is timeless.  And, grand.  Best city in the world.

“New York was his town, and it always would be.”


I have been packing, unpacking, organizing, cleaning like a madwoman for the past few weeks–in spurts, of course.  The upside is I purged the unwanteds and the too smalls from my closet and gave it all to Goodwill last week.  Among the purged items, 34 pairs of shoes.  This ain’t called Valley of the Shoes for nothin’.  I made a promise to myself that I would do this on a more frequent basis.  I’m hoping that for every item I buy, I will throw an item in the donate bag.

I have yet to go through and organize my jewelry from the past 20+ years, which should be mostly fun costume pieces.  I hope I rediscover some forgotten treasures.  Kind of like Toy Story, the last installment.  Will some dangly pair of silver earrings be overjoyed when they are long last reclaimed?  I think I have a pair of red plastic framed Ray-Ban-ish sunglasses from a long time ago, which would be kind of awesome to have now given the current color trend.

An update to the dresses I recently purchased, I returned the Macy’s Cha Cha dress because the Medium was too big and the Small was sold out.  I really liked all of the dresses from Shopbop, although they are a teensy bit big on me, which is a good thing I guess.  Even better is that 3 of the 4 dresses are made in the USA (I’m trying to be more aware of this for future purchases).  I will have to post some pics of these on here.

I’ve also been having issues with Blogger the last couple of days where I can’t navigate on a webpage if I click on a link.  It’s been bumming me out since I can’t comment on a couple of my favorite blogs.  I’m hoping this post actually posts or I’m going to be royally pissed.

Wish me luck.

3 of my makeup favorites

I just rediscovered this mascara and I’m so glad I did.  My lashes are sparse and short and due to my Asian monolids, they get tucked under my eyelids.  So, if I don’t curl my lashes and put on mascara, you wouldn’t even know that I had eyelashes.  Compound that with my oily skin, mascara would run down my eyes and I would look like a panda bear.  Luckily, my oily skin issues have been solved with the Urban Decay primer (see next product below).  But it’s hard to get a mascara wand brush on my tiny lashes, especially since mascara brushes seem to get bigger and bigger.  Enter Clinique’s bottom lash mascara.  You can see the brush is tiny but it gets in there and it sticks to whatever lash you have.  I used these on my bottom lashes and the top lashes near my tear ducts, but I started using this mascara for all of my lashes and it’s the best mascara I’ve ever used.  It is 100% clump-free because the brush focuses on one or very few lashes at a time per stroke.  Love it so.
This is one of my few HOLY GRAIL items.  I am capitalizing because this product was life changing in a good way.  I can now wear mascara and eyeliner, above and below my eyes, without the oil in my skin melting it down.  I looked like a raccoon.  Oh, and my eyeshadow would sort of disappear and it would be hiding in my eyelid creases.  Now, no more raccoon eyes and I am really enjoying eye makeup so much now.  A good tip that I’ve discovered myself:  I use the Original color (it matches my skin tone & foundation) and I put it on my eyelids and below my eyes where eyeliner and mascara would go.  This is the trick that makes my mascara and eyeliner stay put.

I got this Estee Lauder concealer in a gift with purchase years ago and it’s the best concealer to cover pimples, red marks, whatever I’m trying to hide.  I don’t know if it’s effective to hide dark eye circles since I don’t get them, but I would have to believe it would help.  I apply it sparingly after my foundation and setting powder.  It’s so effective, it’s an eraser for your face.  I mean, it won’t hide swelling from monster hormonal acne pimple like I’ll get every now and then, but you won’t see the telltale signs otherwise.  It’s a lifesaver and it gives me the confidence I need when I am harboring an angry zit mountain on my chin or nose.

So, what are some of your makeup favorites?  Any products you’d like to share with me?  I am a skincare and makeup junkie, so bring it on!!  lolz


recent purchases

Hi All!  As promised in my New Year’s Eve post, I am sharing my recent purchases with you.  I have a bunch of vacations lined up for this year (YAY!!!) and I need to replenish my dresses.

I just ordered a bunch of dresses from Shopbop.com since they are having a great sale right now–extra 20% off of 50% and 70% sale merchandise.  I ordered these 4 dresses:

Rachel Pally (I ordered this maxi dress in Slate grey but it looks like only Midnight blue is available now.)
I got this dress from Saks during one of their sales right before Christmas:
Robbi & Nikki (sold out)
Finally, I ordered this dress yesterday from Macy’s after seeing it posted on one of my favorite blogs, The Look 4 Less.  It’s the cheaper dupe of the Anthro dress, as compared on the blog.  I hope it works out since it looks a bit baggy on the model.

What do you think?  Any recent purchases you’d like to share?
Hope you are staying warm this week!  xo

My New Favorite Perfume

I’m in love with my new fragrance that I received as a Christmas gift.  It’s Cartier’s Baiser Vole and I have the 1.6 oz sized bottle.  A couple of months ago, I was leafing through the Saks catalogue and I opened the perfume strip for Baiser Vole.  I normally don’t do this since most perfumes give me a headache but figured what the heck and just sniff and then toss the catalogue.  I was hooked right away and there’s was something in the fragrance that I was drawn to.  I googled reviews of this fragrance and discovered it’s based on the lily flower, which is my favorite flower scent.

I love how the scent smells of lilies right off the bat but then becomes this powdery and fresh warmth that subtly lingers on you.  Not strong so as to induce a headache but definite staying power where you can enjoy it for the rest of the day or night without having to re-spray.

I dig the bottle too, it looks like an old-fashioned cigarette lighter where the top opens up to the atomizer.

My husband loves this fragrance on me, so much so that he asked me to wear only this perfume when we’re together.  Baiser Vole means ‘stolen kiss’ in French and I can totally see why.  How’s that for alluring?  😉


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