send some urban decay my way

I could not resist the Urban Decay sale offerings on their website this morning.  I love Urban Decay, because they make game-changing cosmetic products like the eyeshadow primer (previously discussed here), face primer (I love my Complexion Primer Potion-Brightening) and eyeshadows (I have both Naked Palettes: Original and Naked2).  Both primers de-slick my face and allow my makeup to stay put and keep the intensity of my eyeshadow and blush shades.  No fading, creasing, disappearing.  All of my Urban Decay items are Holy Grail status, I can’t imagine not having these in my life.

So, I ordered the Urbanglow Cream Highlight in Brown Sugar and Wicked, $6 each (from $24!).

I plan to use these as a highlighter on my cheeks and wherever else I want a dewy finish.  The J. Lo Glow.  I find that using a creme highlighter or blush is awesome during the summer months or whenever I am a little tan.  It lends itself to a tropical and sun-kissed look.

I also got the 24/7 Travel-Size Set of 5 Eyeliner Pencils in Naked, $19 (from $32).

24/7 Travel-Size Set of 5 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Naked

I have 2 eye pencil colors that came with my Naked Palette Original: black & dark brown (their names escape me).  These are the best eyeliners I have ever used, hands down.  Trust me on this, as I have used a lot of eyeliner in my day.  They are soft and creamy, don’t tug at all, and glide on smoothly (hence the name, right?).  And, after 30 seconds of applying (during which time you can smudge it out or remove, etc.), it sets for long-lasting wear. I just learned about the 30 second rule on Urban Decay’s website.  Anyway, I’ve been wanting 2 colors in particular, Stray Dog and Bourbon, based on all the positive reviews I’ve read online.  I don’t think Stray Dog is available for purchase as a stand-alone eye pencil.

Lastly, I order the Book of Shadows IV, $29 (originally $64).

I liked it because of the value of the 16 eyeshadow shade set.  Plus, this kit comes with Primer, Liquid Eyeliner and Mascara.  The earthy and pretty green and blue shades totally caught my eye.  The two Naked Palettes don’t have any blue or green shades, so I figured I’d round them out with the multiple blue and green shades.  I am excited to play with all the different colors!

In addition to the great sale prices on everything, I got free shipping since my order was over $50. And, I got 10% off my whole order since I signed up for E-Mails on the website, before I placed my order.

Urban Decay is also throwing in 2 free samples of Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion and Complexion Primer Duo Smart Set (2 face primers).

So, how did I do?  I am scared for the e-mails from Urban Decay.  New products, sales, oh my!

Before I go, I wanted to share a couple of tips for eye makeup application.  Whenever I use my Naked Palette eyeshadows, I like to apply a little Half-Baked eyeshadow color over the middle of the eyelid with a little brush.  I blend to the right and left, with the middle having the most Half-Baked color.  I do this all the time and it makes my brown eyes pop and gives my eyelids some dimension and depth.

The second tip is that I always set my eyeliner with eyeshadow powder, usually a shade that matches the underlying eyeliner.  It sets your eyeliner and also adds dimension and depth to your eyeliner look.  If you add more eyeshadow, it makes for an awesome smokey eye look.  Less harsh than using straight eyeliner.

Enjoy your weekend!  xo

recent purchase

I was on a mission to buy the bib/bubble necklace from the J.Crew Factory store and I was lucky enough to score the necklace in citrus yellow and turquoise.  I’ve been lusting after this necklace for over a year but I did not want to pay $150 for one from the J.Crew retail store.  Once I heard that the outlet version offered a cheaper dupe, I was all in.
Here it is in turquoise:
How have you been transitioning your wardrobe for spring?  Any new key pieces that you love?
Have a great week!
ETA:  Just pinned this image of Gwyneth Paltrow in a white crewneck sweater and shorts on my Pinterest.  It reminds me of my outfit, ha.
Girl looks good!

back in biz

Hello Lovelies!  Back from a bunch of trips.  I had a blast and got some much needed sun and warm temps.  Looks like Blogger or what used to be Blogger has changed and I am holding off upgrading to Google Chrome or whatever it’s called.  So, I don’t know if this new post will appear or not.  My ‘new post’ screen is all wonky.  So, cross your virtual fingers for me.

ETA:  It worked!  Yay!  Okay, I will post some recent pics soon.