the devil is in the details

H&M cream crewneck sweater with double zipper detail & pink neon rhinestone necklace (both recent in-store purchases); 7FAM ‘Gwenevere’ grey skinny jeans; Forever 21 basic tunic tank in ivory (worn underneath the sweater); Modern Vintage ‘Janet’ black riding boots (old); Mulit-link bracelet (gift).

You know I love a good crewneck sweater, right?  I find them classic and versatile.  I could not resist this crewneck when I spotted it in H&M.  It has the coolest zipper detail on the front right and left hand sides of the sweater.  Preppy just got edgy.  Fashion juxtapositions are totally my thing.

Crewnecks are also a great backdrop for a fab statement necklace.  What more could you ask of a sweater?

What are you favorite fashion juxtapositions?


Just trying out different outfits with my new rose sequin skirt.  The color is a little challenging to match, but I think blues work well with it.  And of course, any of the other neutral colors like white/cream, grey and black.  But the light blue of the chambray shirt and the dark navy blue of the silk beaded blouse are perfect matches to the warm tone of the skirt.


Outfit #1.  Forever 21 Chambray shirt (old); LC Lauren Conrad sequin skirt in Rose; Modern Vintage ‘Frannie’ cognac boots (old); J.Crew Factory necklace (old); Multi-colored studded brown leather belt, worn backwards (old).

Outfit #2.  Same as #1, but the shoes are Pour La Victoire ‘Claudette’ in Tortoise Shell (old).

I love these t-strap pumps.  The boxed toe may be a little out of favor, but I don’t care.  I love tortoise shell and they have a lot of personality.  I haven’t worn these in a long time, but I will put them back in rotation.

Outfit #3.  Gryphon-New York navy silk beaded blouse (old); Report ‘Marks’ bootie in Luggage; Banana Republic Factory Store faux snakeskin metallic belt.

I belted this beaded blouse because it was too big (it made me look like a house) and to my surprise, it has the same shape as a peplum top with the belt cinching in the waist.  This blouse was made in India and was hand beaded.  The detail on the front bib and sleeves is gorgeous and intricate, as shown in the close-up shots.

The LC Lauren Conrad sequin skirt from Kohl’s is really pretty in person and it is well covered with sequins all around the skirt.  I also bought the black and silver colors (Kohl’s is affordable, yo).  I find it’s true to size and ordered Mediums.  They have a covered elastic band at the waist so it’s comfortable and you can hike it up or down to your liking.  I plan to wear the skirts for holiday parties and the rest of the year.  Like for a casual night out with the hubs or the girls.  Throw on a drapy white t-shirt, necklace and ballet flats, done.


ASOS Rib Sweater with Hem Detail in Navy; 7FAM ‘Gwenevere’ grey skinny jeans, cuffed (old); Report ‘Marks’ bootie in Luggage; H&M neon pink rhinestone necklace (recent purchase in store).

This is the other sweater I ordered from ASOS, so comfortable and warm.  I love the split hem on the sides of the sweater.  It’s a cheaper dupe of the Alexander Wang split hem sweater I’ve been eyeing for a while.  I also bought another neon rhinestone necklace from H&M.  I wear the heck out of my H&M yellow neon rhinestone necklace, so I figured pink would add to the fun.

I went running today and it was gorgeous outside.  Warm and sunny, a great day to work off the Turkey Day calories.  I just bought a running app for my iPhone, Run Training, and it’s really cool.  I ran for about an hour, close to 6 miles!  Well, 5.93 miles to be exact.  It’s just another thing that gets me motivated to move.  I need all the help I can get.

Here are some pics of the scenery along the way (of my favorite city, of course).  The last 2 images show a remnant of Hurricane Sandy, unbelievable, right?


pumpkin spice


ASOS Aran Sweater in Yellow; AG Adriano Goldschmied ‘Stilt’ Cigarette Jeans in Wine (Wine is no longer available, but Twilight is very close); J.Crew Factory Classic Button-Down in Plaid in Mineral Grey (Mineral Grey is no longer available, but Navy Check is the same print); Report ‘Marks’ ankle boot in Luggage; H&M neon rhinestone collar necklace.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones!  What a gorgeous day to celebrate the holiday.  I love my new ASOS sweater.  Although the website describes the color as yellow, it’s a bit darker, like a golden pumpkin.  I paired it with my wine colored jeans and cognac booties.  I thought the color scheme was fitting for Thanksgiving.  I got the color combo idea from Olivia Palermo (she is always spot on).


Please share what you wore for Thanksgiving.  Any of you out there braving Black Friday?


Forever 21 dark grey/white striped cardigan, chambray shirt & locket necklace (all old); Banana Republic Factory Store purple skinny jeans; Report ‘Marks’ ankle boot in Luggage.

pumped up kicks

Other than today, I don’t think I’ve ever done a blog post about my fitness efforts.  That is mostly due to the fact that I exercise intermittently.  But ever hopeful, I have committed myself to running in the cold weather.  I like to run outside, but that was a spring/summer/fall occurrence.  If the temperature fell below 50 degrees, you could find me inside, thanks.  On the couch.

So, I mentioned earlier today that I enjoyed jogging in the cold.  I hate the cold, but the air is very easy to breathe.  It’s crisp and it feels good taking deep breaths.  It wakes me up, take that caffeine.  Also, I am not prone to slow down my running to walking because it’s really cold when you walk.  So, I keep running to keep myself warm and toasty.  I ran for an hour yesterday and again today.  I ran the whole time, except for a brisk pace walk to warm up and cool down.  It also helps dramatically to have cold weather running gear.  I cannot stress this enough, because it would be over before it began if I was uncomfortable and freezing.

Here’s what’s been helpful for me.  I started off getting fitted for sneakers at my local running shop.   Not a generic sports goods chain, but a store dedicated for runners run by people who actually run.  A lot.  So they know what the hell they’re talking about.  I got fitted and was shocked that my feet grew 2 whole half sizes (from a 7.5 to 8.5!).  No wonder my big toenail fell off in my last pair of sneakers this past summer.

Okay, onto the running clothes and accessories (you know I had to mention these in this blog).

Nike Dri-Fit Soft Hand Women’s Hoodie in Night Blue/Obsidian.  I love this top because it’s very soft next to your skin and it has the cuffins (where it folds over your hands to keep them warm) and thumbholes on the end of the sleeves (so they stay put).  Also there is a ponytail hole in the hood.  It’s a nice warm layer under my running jackets.  I also love the retro baseball/concert t-shirt look to it (the colorblocking of my childhood).

Moving Comfort Sprint Jacket in Charcoal Heather.  I never heard of Moving Comfort before, but the saleswoman at the running store told me it’s women only clothing company that puts out great running apparel.  I loved this jacket.  It’s super light yet warm and it’s water/wind resistant.  Since it was in the upper 30’s when I ran today, I was pleasantly surprised this kept the chill away.

Lululemon Define Jacket in Black.  I friggin’ love this jacket.  It is very flattering to my figure, but more importantly, it moves with you without constricting you.  Thumbholes and cuffins, your BFF’s when it’s chilly.  Also, I appreciated the high neck line because I don’t need a separate item to cover my throat.  The zippers are hard-core.  The fit is AMAZING.  I would wear this for casual outfits when not exercising.  Don’t worry, I won’t wear this while walking in the Whole Foods parking lot, towards my Prius, while holding a Starbucks coffee.  haha

I’m relatively new to LLL, I resisted for years.  I thought who in the hell would pay $90 for leggings that you sweat in?  But I buckled and I’m so glad I did.  Their line of clothing is functional yet very flattering to your figure.  I only have a few pieces and it’s hard not to get addicted to this stuff.  I love every single LLL item I’ve purchased.

Lululemon Runder Under Pant in Black.  Not sure if these are reversible, but there is a grey lining inside so it feels/looks like it’s 2 layers.  These leggings are the first pair where I don’t hate on my body.  There’s no muffin top and it feels compression-ish, although it’s not a compression running pant.  They are warm and according to my husband, makes my butt look perky.  Uh, I’ll take it.

Lululemon Brisk Run Headband in Black.  Lifesaver.  No more icy ears and earaches from the wind.  I have a big head so this fits and stays put.  Very comfortable with my earphones underneath.  I also learned that you should place your ponytail above the band in the back of your head.  My hair poufed out when I did it under, not a good look.

Lululemon Brisk Run Gloves in Black.  Lifesaver #2.  These are light, yet warm.  And it’s touchscreen friendly.  The thumb and index finger tips really worked well on my iPhone.  I may use these gloves to drive or for everything.  No more frigid fingers and worse yet, dry skin that bleeds cause it cracks open.

WrightSock Cool Mesh socks in White.  Best running socks ever.  They are double-layered and prevent blisters.  They are what they puport to be.  Plus, they are thin.  I used to buy these thick cotton ball looking socks in a pathetic attempt to avoid blisters.  With my too-small sneakers.  Yeah, no.  Bad idea.  They are kind of pricey, but to be blister-free and to keep all of your toenails are priceless qualities.  These socks are so worth it.

Asics Thermopolis running tights These are so soft on the inside but it’s not bulky at all.  They keep you warm and toasty and are a little warmer than my LLL Runder Under pants.  The length is perfect and there is a little pocket for your key.  The waistband is not as flattering as the LLL Runder Under pants, but I don’t tuck in my shirt anyway so it’s covered.

I know it’s a departure to discuss exercise on here, but I hope you liked it.  I may write more posts about my progress (optimist, here).  In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the sights I saw while running during the dusk.  I found a great running route on a river.  So pretty and away from the automobile traffic/exhaust fumes.  Enjoy!

electric camo + fashionista devotees

J.Crew Factory ‘Thandie’ sweater (old); Zara Camouflage Trousers with Zips in Khaki; AE Outfitters Boyfriend Tank in Ebony (a dark grey); Report ‘Marks’ bootie in Sand; H&M neon rhinestone necklace; silver jewelry (old).

I wore my new camo pants and paired it with my purple sweater.  I really like the color combo of green & purple.

So, I have gained a few unwanted pounds since my anniversary trip in Aruba.  I am ahead of schedule for my holiday weight gain, lol.  I am attempting to rectify that by jogging outside.  Temps of the 30’s have returned in full force, so I bought a couple of running tights from my local running shop and Lululemon.  I also got a pair of gloves and headband from Lululemon since my exposed hands get very raw quick and I get earaches from cold winds.

I stopped in H&M as well.  I got a cream crewneck sweater with cool black zipper details and another neon rhinestone necklace (neon pink this time).  Also got a rhinestone faux leather cuff since it was buy one, get one free for jewelry.

I was hoping to see H&M’s newest collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela, but it wasn’t released until this morning at 8:00 am.

stripes & sequins


Old Navy colorblock striped dress in grey/coral; J.Crew Factory gold starfish necklace; Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold watch; coral glass bangle (gifted); Report ‘Marks” bootie in Sand.

More stripes over the weekend, which was gorgeous and warm by the way.  70 degrees yesterday, a perfect fall day.

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll have noticed I went nuts on pinning sequin skirt looks on ‘My Outfit Inspiration’ board (check it out here).  With the holiday season fast approaching, I wanted to give a little oomph to my holiday look this year.  I figured a sequin skirt would be a fun and special look without going over the top.  You could dress it down with a loose-fitting sweater, chambray shirt, a button-down shirt (drapy silk or crisp cotton) or T-shirt or tank top.

The more I pinned different looks, the more I wanted one in my closet.  So I bought 3 colors (Rose, Silver & Black) of the LC Lauren Conrad sequin skirt this weekend.  It’s currently on sale for $37.80 (from $54.00).




LC Lauren Conrad Sequin Skirt


Bailey 44 Pieced Column Dress in navy (old); Modern Vintage ‘Frannie’ cognac boots (old); H&M neon rhinestone necklace (recent purchase).

The column dress at Anthro is still one of my favorite dressy casual pieces.  I was in a rush to head out to dinner and just threw this dress on with a pair of boots.  Done.

hear me roar

Echo leopard scarf (old); Kohl’s Sonoma sweater (old); AG Adriano Goldschmeid ‘Stilt’ cigarette jeans; Report ‘Marks’ ankle boots in Sand; Marc by Marc Jacobs rose gold watch (old); Gold hoops and bracelets (old).

Yesterday’s Election Day outfit.  It felt good to vote!

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