Merry Christmas

Hope the holiday season brings you an abundance of joy and love.

Merry Christmas!

dotted spotted

LC Lauren Conrad Polka-Dot Chiffon Blouse in Black; Zara red skinny jeans (old); Burberry ‘Wingfield’ biker boots; J.Crew Factory yellow bubble necklace.

First time breaking in my Burberry biker boots that I bought this past July at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (remember this haul?).  These boots are so ridiculously well made, probably better than my house.  Also wearing my first polka dots ever.  This LC Lauren Conrad blouse from Kohl’s is well made too and it totally belies the price tag ($19.50 with Kohl’s cash and promo codes).  I also bought this blouse in a plum color with black polka dots.  I can’t wait to wear that too.

I think my sister’s cat, Diamond, approved as she was running past me.  lol

Do you wear polka dots?

How about biker boots?  I know that Olivia Palermo has been rocking her Report ‘Jude’ biker boots lately.  These are a cheaper and available dupe to the Burberry biker boots.



If you’ve been following me on Pinterest (follow me here), I’ve been pin crazy for tulle skirts.  There’s a reason why little girls go gaga over tulle.  It brings out your inner ballerina princess.  Something ethereal, feminine and oh-so-poufy.  I guess tulle skirts bring out the little girl in me.

Alas, I was about to pull the trigger on the ‘Karinska’ tulle skirt from Anthropologie.  But it was sold out in mere minutes.  Oh well.  This was the skirt I was considering (it also came in black and light grey, both of which are sold out too):


Here are some pins that made me want a tulle skirt so badly.  Aren’t the skirts just absolutely dreamy?


And remember this confection from SATC when SJP was in Paris?


a sweatshirt

Sorry for the absence, I’ve been sick with the flu for over a week.  Get your flu shots asap if you haven’t done so already.  I actually got my flu shot early, which was good since my symptoms were a light version of a full blown-out flu.

I’ve been obsessing about another fashion juxtaposition since my last post.  The sweatshirt.  You know, the grey sweatshirt that you wore to gym class as a kid.  Something utilitarian and nothing special, right?  But the allure of a nice, worn-in sweatshirt is hard to resist.  Then you pair it with something unexpected, like a leather skirt or pants.  Or sequins.  Or tulle.  The sweatshirt provides the casual attitude to your outfit.  It’s also a wonderful backdrop to a statement necklace.

I ordered this Zara sweatshirt last night:


Zara Vintage Wash Sweatshirt in Lead

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