the ‘miracle’ dress

I just read an article about the ‘miracle’ dress that Kate Winslet has worn twice for 2 different red carpet events.  It’s Stella McCartney’s ‘Ottavia’ two-tone dress and it’s available now at Neiman Marcus (link above) for $1,545.  The price is steep, but you can see why Kate likes this dress.  Her body is already beautiful, but it looks even more curvaceous with the flattering colorblocking on the sides.
I could use a miracle dress, but the only lesser-priced alternative I found online is Asos for $51.92 in 2 different color combinations:
Alas, I will refrain from buying a ‘miracle’ dress since I went mental buying a bunch of other ‘miracle’ dresses from Anthropologie recently (see the madness here).  But, if you’re in the market for something that accentuates or creates curves and need to whittle your waist, then this Asos dress may be your saving grace.
What do you think?  Do you have any clothing items that flatter or have ‘miracle’ status?
Have a great hump day Wednesday!  xo

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