shimmer and shine

Faux leather shift dress & Stuart Weitzman glitter boots (old).

Cheers to you all this evening! Raising my glass with a nice Pinot Noir from J Vineyards. Wearing my old Stuart Weitzman glitter boots and new faux leather shift dress. My 3 year old daughter says the boots are ready for a “dance party” and that she needs a pair too so we can be Shimmer and Shine together. She’s totally my little girl.

The faux leather shift dress is fun and very easy to wear. I’m wearing a size Small, which is my usual size. I love the forgiving and flattering fit and the balloon sleeves keep me warm on a cold evening. It’s a winner and doesn’t compete with the glitter boots. I highly recommend this dress, it’s perfect to throw on to make your evening a little special.

my dream joggers

Mid-rise yoga jogger pants in black, blue and olive green (more colors available); “I Can’t” tee (old); New Balance 410 sneakers (old).

I’m back with a review of my new favorite jogger yoga pants. They are a winner for me and I’m keeping the black, blue and olive green colors. I’m typically a Small or Medium in bottoms, depending on the item. I ordered a Small and XS (based on the online reviews) and both surprisingly fit but I like the Small size better (more breathing room, if you will). There’s a bit of stretch to the fabric and I could see doing yoga in them without them ripping (keep in mind that I’m a yoga beginner where I still can’t master the side crow pose). The two front pockets are nice and deep and I really love the flat-lying and forgiving waistline of these pants. No muffin top or drawstring ties that awkwardly poke out if you don’t want to tuck in your top. I highly recommend, especially for those days where you just can’t with leggings or skinny jeans.

I bought these joggers at full price (so worth it) but lucky for you that if you use code HURRY, you get 30% off!

the 2020 house jumpsuit

Hoodie jumpsuit in black & dark green; Leopard sneakers (old, similar here).

I ordered this zip-front hoodie jumpsuit in black and dark green. I could not resist this adult soft-brushed fleece onesie, especially for a cold and blustery day like today. It comes in black (left pic), dark green (right pic), grey and a lighter shade of red. It’s also available in tall, petite and plus sizes. I envision this jumpsuit as my house outfit for this fall and winter.

I’m keeping both the black and dark greyish green color jumpsuits. I ordered two different sizes, Small and Medium, and the Medium size fits. The Smalls were a no go for my long torso and it was too tight around my stomach area. I’m thrilled the length works for my short legs (this never happens). I also love that it has real pockets on the side and there’s one back pocket too. Soft brushed fleece inside for cozy warmth and there’s a hidden drawstring at the waist to adjust for a loose or snug fit. All I can say is, “Bring it, Winter 2020!”

a shoulder defined

Defined shoulder sweatshirt in white (also available in black), Current/Elliott skinny jeans (old) & New Balance sneakers (old).

Happy weekend, everyone! Did you enjoy your Halloween?

I ordered this defined shoulder sweatshirt (in white and in black) and it’s a great sweatshirt for me because it hides my muffin top like a champ. I ordered a Medium (I’m a Small or Medium for tops, depending) so it’s a boxy fit but I don’t want to sacrifice any length (say, if I had ordered a Small) because it hits the sweet spot on my torso. So, it’s a total go and I definitely recommend this elevated sweatshirt.

crop, don’t stop

Camo cropped hoodie (other colors available) & Black sweat shorts

I’m still all about the athleisure, which suits my lifestyle. I have been on the hunt for a cropped sweatshirt forever but they have always been too short for my longer torso. I finally hit the jackpot with this cropped hoodie. The length is perfect, not too short, and the loose fit is flattering. It’s real fleece on the inside, so it’s very soft. I went with my usual size of Small, so it’s a generous fit (as I have gained a fair amount of weight during the pandemic). I did order a Medium, but it was too large all over. I wouldn’t wait to order this hoodie, colors and sizes are selling out fast.

Not sure if I did a review of my black sweat shorts already, but if I haven’t, these shorts are a must have. They are expensive, but trust me when I say these are the nicest pair of sweat shorts you will ever find. The fleece material is super thick and there’s deep pockets galore. Don’t be put off that these are men’s shorts, I find these shorts to be the only high-waisted garment that are flattering on me. I went by their size chart and ordered a size Small, it fits perfectly.

Happy Labor Day weekend!

Gua Sha me, please

Jade Face Roller and Gua Sha Set

I recently purchased a jade face roller and gua sha set for under $20. I just learned about the benefits of lymphatic drainage and lymphatic drainage massage and I’m here for it. I also ordered a body brush and body tool for my body. I did use the jade roller for about a week and I loved the mini-facial massage. I am trying to up my self care game here.

Before (left image) & After (right image)

But, I am obsessed with my new Gua Sha routine. After using the face roller first, I tried the gua sha and I was instantly hooked. I noticed a difference in my problem areas right away. It helps sculpt what I call my chneck (where my chin meets my neck) and gets rid of the puffiness in my eye area (underneath and the lids). The before (left) and after (right) may look the same to you in the image above, but I look more awake in the after (especially in the eye area). I also see less of my neck waddle too. What made me decide in the first place to do gua sha and the face roller was for the lymphatic drainage benefits, but I must admit that I love the other benefits too. This gua sha facial was done as a quick 5-minute pick me up this afternoon. I have a time lapse video posted on my Instagram (Valleyoftheshoes) if you want to see what I do from start to finish. It’s a no-brainer for something that is less than $20 and takes about 5 minutes. I try to do it twice a day right after washing my face and using a serum, face oil or sunscreen moisturizer. Plus, I feel refreshed from just a few minutes of pampering. Do you use a face roller and/or gua sha? Let me know what you think in the comments.

the rash guard of my dreams

Rash guard zip jacket in white and red.

I had a milestone birthday this summer and it made me seriously reevaluate my skin, especially on my face and neck. Now, I’m all about sun protection to avoid hyperpigmentation and flare-ups of my eczema (or what I believe may be eczema).

I’ve started wearing rash guards to the beach for the last couple of years, but they were the long sleeve crew neck rash guards. They work very well with their UPF 50+ rating. I love not having to worry about reapplying sunscreen for whatever the rash guard covers. Yet, I noticed that my exposed neck was getting lots of sun—yikes.

So, I was hoping for something that covered my neck area and I was in luck when I found this zip jacket. It covers most of my neck and the collar stays put so long as the jacket is fully zipped. It has the deepest front pockets (perfect for my iPhone, collected seashells, etc.) and the substantial weight of the UPF 50+ fabric drapes forgivingly over my torso (thanks pandemic weight gain). I purchased both the white and the red colors for this jacket. It is also available in light aqua and a dark teal. I bought a size Medium and it fits well in the shoulders but is not too fitted around my stomach (thankfully) when fully zipped.

I have worn this jacket multiple times and it wears and washes well. Although the care instructions call for hand washing, I simply place the zipped jacket, inside out, in a large lingerie mesh bag and put it in the delicate cycle (cold water) in my washing machine. I hang dry and that’s it. If there was one thing I could change, I’d add zippers to the front pockets. But the pockets are deep enough (they run from the side seam all the way to the front zipper), so I easily manage. I highly recommend this rash guard. And now it’s almost half off, so don’t delay. You can enjoy it now for at least a month or two and in the many summers to come! ☀️😎

chill whites

White prairie blouse (also in peach); Denim shorts (old, similar); White EVA double-strap sandals (also in black or silver).

Lately, I have been craving all things white for dressing up, it makes me yearn for summer since it’s my favorite season. Let’s hope it’s a great summer.

The blouse and sandals are new online purchases and are actually on sale until this Saturday! I’m very pleased with both of them. The blouse looks like it’s from Free People but for at least half the price. It’s true to size (I’m wearing a size Small) and it’s slightly cropped on my longer torso. It’s long enough to tuck into my denim’s shorts for a quick pic but it won’t stayed tucked for long. That’s fine since I like the blouse untucked as well. The blouse is semi-sheer in white, but the blouse also comes in peach which may be your preference if you want a more opaque look.

The white sandals are my foray into the classic Birkenstock style sandal, but at a mere fraction of the cost. I need sandals for the beach since my flip flops are on their last legs and these are waterproof. Not sure if they will last beyond a summer, but this may be a restricted summer so I hope to get more than one season’s worth of frequent wear. I was surprised that I like the style, so I may order the actual Birkenstock EVA sandals the next time around. The sandals are true to size (I’m wearing my typical size 8).

Hope your week is going well, take good care of yourself. xo

yes to the tiered dress

Tiered dress in white (other colors available) & Faux leather/suede slides (old, similar).

I love this new multi-tiered dress, which is on trend for this spring and summer. It’s 100% cotton and it’s a dense gauze-like material that is not see through (I advise wearing nude toned undergarments) and will keep you cooler in the stifling summer heat. I love to wear white in the summers, but this dress is available in other colors if white is not your color. It’s true to size with a slightly generous fit, I’m wearing a size Small dress. The midi length is just my vibe these days and it allows for all those tiers to drape in an ultra flattering manner. I am a fan of the ruffles at the armholes because it balances the proportions of the upper body with the voluminous shape towards the bottom of the dress. This dress is a great value at under $35, I plan to wear it for Mother’s Day and for the rest of the warmer months.

one (piece) & done

Performance jumpsuit in heather grey (other colors available) & Faux leather platform sandals in black (other colors available).

Performance jumpsuit in almost black (other colors available) & Faux leather platform sandals in black (other colors available).

Ikat coverup romper in blue & white (other colors available) & Faux leather platform sandals in cognac (other colors available).

Hope you and yours are safe and in good health. And staying somewhat sane. A quick review of these one piece jumpsuits and romper for you. Mind you, all three items are 50% off and no promo code needed. I love the jumpsuit in the two colors as well as the coverup romper. All three are true to size (size Small for each) and are the easiest outfits to wear around the house as well as outside (when it’s safe, of course).

The jumpsuit is made from performance workout material, which means it’s stretchy and sweat-wicking. I love the flattering drape and cinched waist (adjustable with the drawcord toggle). It has deep pockets on both sides and the front and back v-neckline makes it easy to take on and off. Yet, your bra does not show. I really love the armholes of this jumpsuit, they are flattering and comfortable. The jumpsuit comes in regular, petite and tall.

The coverup romper is adorable. I plan on wearing it as a regular outfit and not saving it only for the beach or pool. I’m a big fan of ikat print in general and I couldn’t pass on this romper. It also comes in solid colors as well but I think it looks more expensive in the ikat print. The romper is easy to get on and off and has pockets.

Don’t delay, the half off sale wont last forever. These one and done pieces will elevate your loungewear now and will go the distance for you in the great outdoors later.

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