BECCA swimwear review

Swimsuit season will be soon upon us. I want to be prepared. I wanted get my one-piece swimsuit all set for this summer and they are usually tricky for me due to my long torso and small chest. I’m happy to report that I may found The Suit. I relied on the BECCA swimwear brand for my current search since I already own a BECCA halter neck bikini. I’ve had it for two years and the bikini wears and washes beautifully and it doesn’t fade.

I picked two one-piece swimsuit styles in multiple colors. I ordered my usual swimsuit size where I size up one size (a Medium) from my regular clothing size (a Small). I do this for more modest coverage and for my longer torso. Here is the first style:

BECCA ruffle one-piece swimsuit in merlot (promo code FRIENDS for extra 30% off).

BECCA ruffle one-piece swimsuit in black (promo code FRIENDS for extra 30% off).

So, I liked this suit because it was a comfortable fit for my longer torso plus the straps were adjustable for length and width. The fabric was nice and thick, I felt like suit held me in but not tight like Spanx. But I feel the cleavage area is too revealing or there is too much open chest space (like a big void of swimsuit). This could make for a disaster with my toddler on the beach or at the pool. I’m going to have to pass on this swimsuit.

4/6/19 Update: I ended keeping the ruffle swimsuit in black. I plan on tying the front strings tighter for modesty and double tying the knot for security. I also liked that I won’t get weird tan lines with this swimsuit.

BECCA highneck crochet one-piece swimsuit in clay (promo code FRIENDS for extra 30% off).

BECCA highneck crochet one-piece swimsuit in black (promo code FRIENDS for extra 30% off).

BECCA highneck crochet one-piece swimsuit in white (promo code FRIENDS for extra 30% off).

Again, the length and fit of this highneck suit is perfect for my longer torso. It has adjustable straps for the length of the neck/vertical straps as well as for the width with the back string tie. The crochet is all over the suit and I liked the edging detail. The suit is well constructed (thick lining throughout where there’s no open crochet area). I loved the fact that the one-piece did not flatten my chest or give me the dreaded uniboob (which is typical of my one-piece swimsuit experience). I felt comfortable in this swimsuit and the halter neck will be very practical with my toddler.

So, the question is which colors to keep? I think I’m keeping the swimsuit in black (you can always rely on black) and in white. The clay color is pretty in person but the white is really catching my eye (especially with a tan).

4/6/19 Update: I ended returning the black crochet swimsuit since I changed my mind about the ruffle swimsuit (I’m keeping the black ruffle suit). So, I kept only the white crochet swimsuit. Both suits should inject something different for Summer 2019!

What do you think of the swimsuits or the BECCA swimwear brand? Have you found The Suit for your Summer 2019? TGIF! xx

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