maternity essentials

I’m almost at the eight month mark in my pregnancy and I wanted to share a few items that have proved themselves to be essentials during this extra special time.


Nursing bra two-pack in black & blush & Nursing bra in black.

The two nursing bras in the set are very comfortable because they are wireless and provide ample support and coverage. The shoulder straps stay put too. I bought a size Small for this set and the fit is perfect. They’re like sports bras where there’s no hook and eye closure. You have to put them on and take it off over your head. The neckline is kind of high though, which led me to my second bra.

I was super excited to see that my favorite bra of all time, Natori’s Feathers bra, is available as a nursing bra. I love to wear this bra for lower cut tops and dresses.


Body pillow.

What a difference this body pillow makes! I’m experiencing lower back pain lately and this pillow helps alleviate that pain. I’ve also been using a heating/massage pad. The pillow is the equivalent of six pillows around your body and it really envelopes your body into a blissful support system.


Humidifier; Stretch mark minimizer; Tonic body treatment oil.

Here’s a very detailed review of the humidifier and body oil. My pregnancy has made my skin and lip parched and I’m prone to nosebleeds. The humidifier is a true lifesaver. I’m going to use one for the rest of my life, not just for pregnancy. Even Bella’s nose has been hydrated this winter.

The body oil has been really effective, no stretch marks that I can see so far! I recently added the stretch mark minimizer to my arsenal since my baby bump is growing fast and furious during the third trimester. They are working like a dream.


Maternity under belly leggings in anthracite; Maternity fleece lined leggings in fair isle; Maternity lounge pants in heather grey.

I like the under belly maternity leggings style because tops just drape better with a bare belly. No static cling, etc. I’m wearing the grey leggings here and here. I have size XS and it’s a great fit.

I love the fleece lined maternity leggings for the winter weather. So cozy and warm and the answer to when I don’t feel like wearing jeans. They’re actually warmer than wearing regular jeans when it’s very cold. I bought several pairs of these leggings (in black and in grey space dye), but the fair isle pair is my favorite. It’s mislabeled online, it’s not size 0 but rather it’s one size only. I find them comfortable and the fit is spot on (not too big nor too tight). The fair isle is so cute with oversized sweaters and my maternity tunics.

These lounge pants are the best for pajamas and for in-home wear. I wear these everyday or more accurately, every night, and I’m so glad I bought these lounge pants. I purchased the two available colors, grey and black, and in a size XS (true to size). The waistband grows with you throughout your pregnancy and you can place it under or over your baby bump to your preference. The length is great, not too long for my 28″ inseam. So easy to wash (inside out, on cold) and dry (low heat) and the dog hair is all removed when laundered (love this).

Hope this post was helpful for ideas to make your (or a loved one’s) pregnancy more pleasant and comfortable. I know that blog posts like this one have been a godsend for me when I started researching pregnancy stuff online.

Happy Sunday to you! xx


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  1. Finley
    Jan 23, 2017 @ 01:53:58



  2. H2W
    Feb 06, 2017 @ 03:57:57

    Is it 8 months already?!? Wow so quick! Love the sweatpants in both plain and leopard


  3. H2W
    Feb 06, 2017 @ 04:00:37

    The leopard sweatpants are from your previous post I think. I dunno how I got into this comment section instead 😜


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