let’s stay hydrated this winter

As I’m growing older, I find my skin has become less tolerant of the cold temperatures and dry air of the winter weather as well as the necessary indoor heating. My facial and hand skin would become dry with each passing with winter and that was a relatively easy fix by upping my moisturizer game for both areas.

Yet, this fall weather was quite different for me. I experienced painful red splotches on my face (especially around my lips) and extreme itchiness all over my body. All of my regular arsenal of moisturizers, lotions and body creams fell short in alleviating the dryness, itchiness and red splotches. I also had the pleasure of waking up with a bloody nose nearly every morning. I had to do something.

I researched online and decided to give a cool mist humidifier and a body oil a try. Both are well-loved and highly rated according to the many positive online reviews. I’m happy to report that both are very effective in alleviating my body’s reactions to cold and dry air. The bloody noses have stopped. My face and lips are noticeably less dry than before, although I’m still diligent in my lip balm and Aquaphor ointment (for the thin skin around my lips) to prevent the red splotches and cracked lips. My legs and arms have stopped being itchy, which is where I experienced the most itchiness.

I wanted to share these two lifesavers with you to help fight the challenges with winter weather or as a great gift idea for Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.


Crane humidifier in blue/white.

I am obsessed with this humidifier, it constantly runs whenever I’m in the house (I bought one for the bedroom and the other for the living space of the kitchen/living room area). Since it’s a cool mist humidifier, there’s less risk of mold and the like when you use a warm mist humidifier. Also, this humidifier does not have a filter (so less to clean). It’s super easy to operate (just add/dump water daily) and it’s low maintenance. I just give it a weekly deep clean with water and white vinegar. And, it automatically shuts itself off when the water level is too low.

Supposedly, humidifiers help keep colds away since germs and bacteria thrive in dry air. Also, humidifiers alleviate allergy and sinusitis symptoms since they help keep the nasal passages moist. I can attest to this because my morning bloody noses stopped.

Macy’s is currently running their Friends & Family event and promo code FRIEND provides an additional 10% discount. This drop-shaped model comes in four other colors.

If you have small children or a baby, Crane makes adorable humidifiers that will delight your little ones (and you), such as this elephant, hippo & penguin.


Clarins tonic body treatment oil.

As you may recall, I love my Nars body oil (discussed here), but it’s solidified due to the cold temperatures (even when I put the heat on in the house, but I don’t like it too warm). I will wait to use it again when the weather gets more Tahiti-like.

In the meantime, I need the big guns now. Enter the Clarins tonic body treatment oil. Holy mother of pearl, this gets it done! I use this in the shower where I massage the body oil in my skin after cleansing it with body wash. I wait a few minutes for it to absorb and then simply rinse it off. My skin is amazingly soft and supple afterward and there’s no need for that post-shower body lotion. I like the invigorating scent of this body oil in the shower and it quickly dissipates when you’ve dried off.

The best part is that my legs and arms are no longer itchy. It’s a true game-changer. I find that I don’t need to slather on as much body lotion on the daily because my skin is very hydrated from the body oil. Fortunately, this body oil stays liquified too, no worries of it solidifying.

If you use promo code FRIEND at Macy’s during their Friends & Family event, you get $10 off your $50 beauty purchase.


Hope you find my recommendations helpful. There’s no need to suffer from some of the nasty effects of winter.

Enjoy your Wednesday! xx


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. isabella
    Dec 07, 2016 @ 17:34:04

    I go to the Clarins warehouse sale here, but never looked at the body oil, maybe I need to .


    • valleyoftheshoes
      Dec 07, 2016 @ 17:43:46

      Isabella, you’re so lucky you are nearby a Clarins warehouse sale! I think they are my favorite brand for skincare. The body oil is fantastic, it’s a must for dry, itchy skin. Another benefit is that it helps prevent or minimize stretch marks.


  2. isabella
    Dec 10, 2016 @ 18:35:53

    next one in April might not be too far from you Orangeburg NY


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