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Gosling’s ChopSaver Lip Care; Nars Monoï Body Glow II Body Oil; Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Deeply Repairative Hair Pak.

TGIF! I can’t wait to get the weekend started, how about you?

Here are my recently added beauty holy grail items which are perfect for all four seasons, but are most essential for the summer months. Think bare shoulders and legs, fried hair from the sun, saltwater or chlorine, and sunburned or windburned lips. The best part though? All are made in the USA!

Let’s start with the ChopSaver lip balm. I am a lip balm junkie, I’m never without it. I saw this at my local CVS and thought I’d give it a go. It was made by a professional trumpet player who needs his lips to be in top shape at all times. It’s 100% natural and it helps with chronic lip pain. I’m hooked because it has the best lasting power out of all the lip balms I’ve used and I like the texture. It’s moisturizing and not goopy or waxy, so it’s a nice base before lipstick or lipgloss. I like the orange tube (versus the original formula in the green tube) because it has SPF15. I started using ChopSaver a few months ago when it was still chilly outside so it’s great for the drying winter cold (and cranking heat indoors) as well as for the summer sun.

Next is the Nars Monoï body oil. Who doesn’t love the idea of being a tanned, glowy goddess for the summer? Legs, feet, shoulders, arms and chests are exposed and on full display. But do you want to know what prompted me to purchase this body oil? I read this online Byrdie article and was so intrigued, that I needed this in my life pronto. It just so happens to be a great mosquito repellant (mosquitos love me but the feeling is not mutual). And, it smells really lovely (it’s Tahitian gardenias, called the tiare flower, in refined coconut extract), absorbs quickly (no greasy feeling and no stains on your clothes, but give it at least 5 minutes to absorb) and I can attest to the glowy skin after applying it. Take a look at my skin in yesterday’s maxi dress outfit, my legs and shoulders possessed that dewy look. And it lasts longer than the body lotions I’ve been using. Normally my legs and arms get flaky with dry skin after several hours or the following day. The flaky factor has seriously diminished using this oil, I’m impressed. It’s still too early in the summer for a full-blown mosquito fest, but I haven’t been bitten yet since using the body oil. It’s the most expensive item of the three featured, but you only need a little bit (unlike your conventional lotions which contain lots of water anyway) so it should last awhile. Also, how pretty is that Nars bottle with the original tiare flower at the bottom?

Lastly, the Kiehl’s hair pak. I use this as a hair conditioner about once or twice a week in the shower. I can always tell when I use it as opposed to using my regular conditioner, my hair seems softer and not as thick or wiry in texture. But the main reason why I bought it in the first place was to give my scalp relief. I have a small patch of skin on the back of my head that has severe dandruff, not the white flaky kind, but the kind where it’s crazy itchy and I scratch out chunks of my scalp. It appeared out of nowhere a few years ago and I have consulted with a couple of dermatologists about it. I use a prescribed medicated shampoo but once I dry my hair, that scalp patch starts to feel itchy again. I bought the Kiehl’s hair pak hoping it would help and it really does. I still get itchy but the sensation is held off for a full day or more. My scratching has noticeably decreased to myself and my husband (he reminds me to stop scratching since I do it absentmindedly). It’s a really big tub and you only need a little bit for your scalp and hair. I have read online reviews where you can leave it in your hair for a long time (shower cap), I should remember to try it out.

Do you use any of the featured beauty products? Have any beauty holy grail items you’d like to share?

Enjoy your Friday! xx


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  1. Yunahsf
    Jun 24, 2016 @ 11:16:03

    my latest favorite beauty item is Laroche posay anthelios tinted primer. i forgot how the sun in sf is so strong (deceptive because it’s so cool here) -so i got a burn on the first day i got here. i was desperate at the walgreens so bought a bunch of items w/ heavy duty sunscreen. i am amazed at how light& natural this primer looks.
    thanks for the kiehls hair pak tip – i need that!


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