SALETIME at j.crew: my picks/reviews

It’s sale time at J.Crew and promo code SALETIME will get you an additional 50% final sale items and 40% sale items until 11:59 ET on February 26th. Since the good stuff sells out quickly, let’s get to my picks and reviews!


Italian leather gloves in black, bright ocean & english saddle on final sale, so they’re an additional 50% off.

I ordered the gloves in black and I am very pleased with the gloves. It was time to replace the black leather pair I currently have since the interior lining has worn through. The supple leather is substantial and the lining is 100% cashmere and not a blend. They’re not made in Italy, rather they’re made in the Philippines. I’m guessing the Italian description is based upon the fact that they are made by Portolano for J.Crew. Portolano is an Italian company that is known for their leather gloves and is regularly sold for a higher price. You can find them on clearance at this time of the year, but generally the larger sizes aren’t available anymore. Use the size guide on J.Crew’s website for gloves, I ordered a size large (it’s a perfect fit). Also, measure your dominant hand since it’s likely that it’s a little bigger than your non-dominant hand. Since the price decreased since my earlier order, I ordered a backup pair in the english saddle. These would also make for great gifts for Christmas, birthdays, etc.


Striped tissue turtleneck in navy/ivory & ivory/redwood on final sale, so they’re an extra 50% off.

I ordered the two color combinations above but there may be two other combos if they are still available. I gave a review in my outfit post yesterday (read it here). I highly recommend this top, it’s a great layer and hey, stripes! I ordered a size XS in both colorways.


Striped sweatshirt on final sale (extra 50% off) & White cropped skinny jeans on sale (additional 40% off).

I just ordered these so no review yet, but the striped sweatshirt looks like a great staple for a casual outfit or for the beach once the sun sets and the cool breeze kicks in. Plus, easy to wash and wear versus a striped sweater. I ordered a size XS. I’m in need of white jeans (my current pair is too big on me, even with a belt) for the coming spring and summer months and this pair gets very high ratings online. I’m excited for the crop length (26″ inseam), which means no hemming needed for my short legs. I ordered a size 25.

3/2/16 Update: I’m keeping the striped sweatshirt, it’s true to size and it’s cropped in the torso and slightly in the sleeves. However, I returned the white jeans because the material was sort of sheer and there wasn’t enough cotton in the fabric for my liking (very jeggings-ish). It’s a shame because the fit and length were perfect for me.


Striped boatneck t-shirt in undyed cinnamon atlantic & undyed clay saffron on final sale (additional 50% off).

I bought the undyed cinnamon atlantic top earlier (see here and here for my review and outfit pictures) and my favorite part of the classic boatneck is the multicolored stripes. Love this different and fresh take, so I had to order the undyed clay saffron version. The light pink and orange color palette just screams spring. I ordered a size XS, the same size as the other colorway.


Nordic parka in navy (also in olive) on sale (extra 40% off) & Fair Isle leggings on final sale (additional 50% off).

I posted a detailed review here but I wanted to mention that this parka has been an absolute lifesaver this winter, especially when the temps are in the low 30’s or below. I don’t even feel the heavy weight anymore when I wear it and now when I put on my puffer coat or jacket, it’s so flimsy and feather light (like a cardigan). The thick and warm hood is legit and when you zip up the parka all the way with the hood on, you can actually get away without wearing a hat and scarf for a good stretch of time. This worked during all the dog walks with Bella, even at the very windy beach (Bella loves the beach!). My sister bought the parka after she saw me wear it and I kept raving on and on about it. The warmth factor of this parka is crazy, I don’t need to put the heat on in the car if I’m wearing it and also have my knee-high Sorel boots on (actually experienced this during a 100-mile drive while the Jonas Blizzard was winding down). The exterior water-repellant material is tough and durable, I slipped and fell on the ground a couple of times due to ice and not a mark to the fabric–impressive. I think overall, this Nordic parka was the most practical and best purchase I made last year. I purchased a size XS.

The Fair Isle leggings are the softest leggings I’ve ever had the pleasure of wearing. The fit is a little big around my knees and calves but it doesn’t affect the overall look at all. The many colors in the Fair Isle design match with a lot of tops and sweaters already in my wardrobe. How cute are these? I already plan on wearing them for entertaining next Christmas, but I’ll be happily lounging around in them now. The only potential downside is that they are dry clean only, probably due to the 100% merino wool material, and the online reviews warn of not machine washing these. I bought a size XS.

Are you going you take advantage of the J.Crew sale? If so, what is catching your eye?

Happy Wednesday to you, we’re halfway to the weekend! xx


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ema
    Feb 24, 2016 @ 13:28:04

    I keep forgetting that you have a blog. Since I don’t subscribe to a reading blogs app anymore (I don’t remember what the problem was with the one that replaced Google Viewer but at some point I decided to get rid of it and I never jumped on the Bloglovin wagon so I have to actively go and look for posts and sometimes I just forget what’s out there).
    Anyway, I would really love to try the gloves but I need a dark brown color and it isn’t offered. I never liked the look of black leather gloves and I have the classic saddle so the only other color is blue, and I don’t know if I want to risk it in final sale.
    My pick from this sale is the patio pants. The are all down to $24.99 and I ordered 4 pairs (2 cotton and 2 wool). I actually like the Patio much better than the Teddies on my figure so I stocked up before they decide to phase them out. I will probably buy a few more pairs!


    • valleyoftheshoes
      Feb 24, 2016 @ 14:36:43

      Hi Ema, thanks for checking out my blog! I saw Portolano dark brown leather gloves on in two styles for around $40 a pair. They look nice but I’ve never ordered from that website before though. Nordstrom Rack also has a bunch of different Portolano leather gloves on clearance but they don’t seem to carry larger sizes. I was price checking before ordering the J.Crew gloves.
      Wow, you got a great deal on the patio pants. Can’t believe you scored 4 pairs for $100, this sale is crazy good!
      Enjoy your Wednesday!


  2. yunah
    Feb 25, 2016 @ 04:02:09

    thanks for this!! i ordered the navy /cream combo @ a great price- can’t wait to get it!
    xoxo- yunah


  3. ToryBri
    Feb 26, 2016 @ 11:01:29

    Love those gloves, so rich and colourful.

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


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