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Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Hope your Sunday involves something you love and with someone you love.

February is American Heart Month so let’s get our physical activity game on point. I’m sharing my recent workout gear finds of stuff I love and worked out in, all of which are on sale now. Your size may sell out, so don’t delay.


Lululemon What the Sport Short; Zella Live in Slim Fit Leggings; J.Crew Factory Striped Tank Top.

The shorts are $39 (originally $58) and they are my favorite workout shorts. I reviewed them earlier here. I had paid full price and it was worth it because they wear and wash like a dream. The side pockets really stores your iPhone on the rower, elliptical and treadmill. Now that a solid black pair of these shorts are on (final) sale, I’m taking advantage of the sale price. My old pair is a size 6, but the new pair I ordered is a size 4 (I’ve lost weight and went down to a Lululemon size 4 for their bottom pieces).

The leggings are $38.86 (originally $58). I bought a couple pairs of Zella Live In Slim Fit leggings on sale right after Christmas for about $39 each. I’m wearing my pink space dye pair in this post in the second image. I was impressed with the leggings, again they wear and wash very well and the fit is super comfortable (the waistband stays put). I also like the bright colors and patterns, it’s cheerful during the cold and dreary days of winter. My favorite workout leggings are Lululemon, but the Zella leggings are a close second. If I can score a Zella pair on sale for under $40, I’m thrilled because that’s less than half the cost of a regularly priced Lululemon pair. I ordered a size XS, my other pairs are XS and they are true to size.

The tank is $15.60 (with promo code EXTRAEXTRA and if you purchase at least 6 items, but it’s on sale for $19.50 without a promo). I bought a solid navy version of this tank last October (discussed here). I really love this tank, it’s great for my workouts and the fit is perfect (not loose and not tight). I bought another tank in the heather grey a few weeks later, but the stitching on the front of the tank was wonky. I returned it. So, if you order this tank, just inspect it carefully for quality control. I love that there’s a striped version of this workout tank because you know my love for stripes. I ordered a size XS, my navy tank is an XS and it’s true to size.

Cute workout clothes motivate me and when it’s so cold that your house pipes freeze (this has happened a couple of times this winter alone), you need backup gear.

Keep moving for a healthy heart! xoxo

2/20/16 Update: I’m keeping the Lululemon shorts, the size 4 is the perfect fit. I’m really pleased with these shorts, they are my favorite workout shorts.

I’m also keeping the J.Crew Factory striped tank. The material is thicker than my navy mesh insert tank, it’s like swimsuit material. Also, the torso is a little wider than the other tank but it may be due to the thicker fabric. Well, this makes for a more flattering fit when you’re bending or crouching, it won’t stick to lumps and bumps-that’s for sure.

I’m returning the Zella leggings because the material was a turn off for me. For workout leggings, I like a more cotton knit type of finish instead of shiny spandex. I know I may be inconsistent because the Lululemon What the Sport shorts are more of a spandex than a cotton knit, but the Zella was too shiny for me (it reminded me of the 1980’s Jazzercise leotards). The Lululemon material is muted/matte and it doesn’t snag, I wasn’t confident that the Zella pair would hold up as well. It also wasn’t flattering, especially in the butt area.


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