fitness friday #1

Hello, TGIF! It’s been awhile since I discussed the general topics of fitness and healthful eating. I’ve still been at it on both fronts but I do occasionally indulge with a nice meal out (or little treats at home) and miss a workout here or there (rest days, yo). The important thing is to keep at it and I find that I miss working out if I go without more than one day. I also miss fresh vegetables. I know, hard to believe. Yet, it’s just as easy to miss what you’ve become accustomed to when it’s firmly entrenched in your daily habits, whether it’s healthy or unhealthy.

I hope to continue with the Fitness Friday concept for the blog. I’m thinking I could share an exercise or recipe that I love. Maybe you will try it out or you can share a tip or two with me, just leave a comment below. Of course, if you have any questions, please ask away.

I believe I have already mentioned my general workout structure. If not, I set out to do 30 to 60 minutes of cardio. I also do strength training. I break out my strength training into 3 sets where I do one of the three sets with each gym visit: (1) Legs (lower body), (2) Back & Biceps, and (3) Chest/Shoulders/Triceps.

Today I will discuss my leg workout. I log my strength training on My Fitness Pal (# of sets, repetitions/set & weights/set). I track my progress on MFP and I find it motivates me to go harder and stronger when I feel I’m ready.

Generally with weights/strength training, you want to start off with the largest muscles and work your way to the smallest muscles. Here’s my routine, in order:

1. Leg press
2. Leg extension
3. Leg curls
4. Inner thigh and Outer thigh
5. Dumbbell side lunge
6. Squats
7. Bent-Leg Kickbacks

Steps 1 through 4 are done on machines. Steps 5 through 7 are just me, no machines. But I do use dumbbells for Step 5 (hence the name, lol) and a medicine ball for Step 6.

I have noticed muscle definition in my legs, no bulk whatsoever. I also want to make my flat butt more curvy with muscle so that explains the lunges, squats and kickbacks.

I was reading a quick article on how Khloe Kardashian got in shape. Say what you will about the Kardashians (and I agree), but she looks so healthy, strong and fit. You can’t take that away from her or anyone, for that matter. She trains with the famous Gunnar Peterson and he credits the dumbbell side lunges for her killer booty and sculpted legs.

Here’s the quick tutorial video:

I knew it worked the first time I did them because my muscles were sore afterward. So, effective (lol). But I was never sore after that one time. I started off with 3 sets of 8 reps using 3 pound dumbbells. I do it slowly and watch my form in a mirror (I’m a huge proponent of proper form as it avoids injuries and makes the muscles work in the most efficient manner). I’ve worked up to 3 sets of 10 reps using 8 pound dumbbells. I feel my jeans fitting better, like I’m filling out the butt and thighs in a way they’re supposed to fill out. It’s hard to describe but I’m getting the right sort of curves.

So, do you work out your legs/lower body. Care to share your favorite routine or tip?

Enjoy your Friday!


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