my Columbus Day sale picks

As to be expected, this year’s Columbus Day sales are aplenty. The discounts are generally very good, but it’s on selected merchandise. Meh. I’d rather have a blanket discount code across the board so I can select what items I want or need. To seal the deal, offer free shipping without a dollar minimum. Well, J.Crew Factory heeded the call today with their free shipping code YAYFALL (it ends at midnight tomorrow night). In addition to mostly everything for women is 50% off (prices as marked online, so no code).

The following are my shopping picks:


Factory turtleneck sweater in black. I have been searching for a turtleneck sweater for some time and I’m crossing my fingers that this baby fits the bill. My criteria was that the turtleneck wasn’t too tight or too loose on the neck. I wanted a slightly relaxed fit but not a big slouchy fit. (As an aside, I’ve been avoiding big and boxy clothing or elastic waists since I’ve lost the weight. It takes away the temptation to gain weight.) I hope that this sweater isn’t itchy or cause an allergic reaction for my skin (I break out easily on my chest and back from several types of wool).

I can feel the coolness in the air with my new shorter hairstyle. I think turtlenecks will help fight off the chill in style.


Factory turtleneck sweater in sky.

Same turtleneck sweater but in a color that I don’t usually gravitate towards, clothing-wise. I figured let’s mix it up with a baby blue.


Factory active mesh tank in midnight shadow. Did you know that J.Crew Factory makes a limited selection of activewear now? I didn’t so I was glad to see a basic piece on sale and in a color that I really like for my workout outfits.


Factory striped tee in black/ivory. Stripes, do we need a further explanation here? In all seriousness, I don’t have a black and white striped long-sleeve tee so this dual neutral combo is a no-brainer to add to the sea of stripes.

What have you pulled the trigger on for your Columbus Day sale purchases? Have a wonderful holiday today! xx


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