don’t stop with the flared crop

The flared crop pant is back. Remember them from the 90’s? I liked them then (think Uma Thurman’s Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction) and I like them now. I wanted to mix it up from all the skinny, straight and boyfriend leg jeans that I’ve been wearing as of late. I love long flared jeans that skim the floor, but I’m not loving the requirement to wear super high heeled shoes to get the look just right. I want to wear my sneakers or flats. I figured the crop length is the perfect backdrop to show off your shoes. You can also wear them with ankle boots, a la Alexa Chung, but I have yet to try the look myself.

So, here we go with a few recent online purchases I’ve made (pics of trying stuff on at home):


J.Crew Hugo Guinness dog tee & flare cropped jeans; Forever 21 pointed faux leather loafers (old, similar); Cartier tank watch.

I like these jeans a lot. The denim fabric feels like old school Levi’s where it’s a little stiff, but it allows for some needed structure to carry off the cropped flare. I also like the super dark color of the jeans, it makes it more dressy in my view. Perfect for a fun pair of pumps or sandals if the mood so strikes. I got these in my usual size, a 25 waist, and my inseam is 28″ so I’m happy it’s actually cropped in length for my shorter legs.


Zara flared cropped leggings. Please keep in mind the model has long legs so the leggings look like major floods.


J.Crew lamé camp shirt; Zara flared cropped leggings; Forever 21 pointed faux leather loafers (old, similar).

I clearly do not have long legs, so the leggings are ankle length at best on me. I still like them though. I don’t mind the unintended length since the flare is not crazy exaggerated. Also they are comfortable, machine washable (yes!), and they suck it all in while giving me the illusion of a pert butt. Also, it’s a thicker ponte type of material, not the thin legging fabric. There are vertical seams stitched on the front and back of the pants, which give off a leg lengthening vibe. The best part though? $30! I ordered an XS and a S, I’m keeping the S since the XS was tight on me (I could zip it up fine, but the S was very comfy).

The lamé shirt is also new. I’ve been stalking this shirt on J.Crew (and patiently waiting for a good sale) after seeing it on one of my favorite Instagrammers. I got a size 0 and the fit is true to size. Love the subtle lamé sheen to the top, something to jazz up the ensemble without really trying too hard. I think it will look especially cute and festive for those holiday parties coming up.


J.Crew lamé camp shirt; Zara flared cropped leggings; Forever 21 pointed faux leather loafers (old, similar).

So, have you been eyeing the flared crop trend lately? Please share your recent finds, I’d love to hear about it!


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