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Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend! I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts, not many blog-worthy outfits as of late. Instead, lots of gym clothes since my workouts are getting more intense. I’m doing weights again and it’s very rewarding to see that I’m getting progressively stronger over time.

I’ve treated myself to more Lululemon goodies and wireless headphones. Here are my Instagram pics:


Lululemon Sweaty or Not bra in white (top) and black (bottom) & Lululemon Stuff Your Bra II in pink & stripes (middle). The sports bras are early birthday gifts, and can I just say that they are amazing. I needed smaller sized bras since my old ones are too big on me. The open backs are great ventilation but I think they’re just damn sexy. Wearing these beauties provide me with extra motivation to tone up my back, chest and shoulders.


Lululemon Sweaty or Not bra in white. Back of the bra, how cool is the back? I like the 2 little gold stripes in the front, it feels a little disco with the white.


New Balance tank & Old Navy sports bra (both old). I finally got rid of my underarm fat, which really bothered me. Now, free weights and weight machines tone what was formerly mushy. I’m working like crazy on my triceps now, to firm up my bat wings.


Lululemon No Limits tank (old) & Lululemon What the Sport shorts; Beats Studio wireless headphones in matte black. The Lululemon shorts are my favorite workout shorts, no peekaboo while on the rower or lying down on the bench or mat. There are side pockets where your stuff does not fall out. The best, though, are my new Beats wireless headphones. These are a game changer for your workouts. No wires, no ear buds popping out and no more dropping your iPhone. The sound is ridiculously amazing, I feel like I’m at a club and that I should be drinking a Ketel One & club instead of my water. I need music for working out and this truly makes my trips to the gym enjoyable. For real.

Tune in later for what I’ve been eyeing and buying from Nordstrom’s anniversary sale (presale for Nordstrom card holders commenced today!). I didn’t get much for myself but I bought my husband lots of beautiful clothes (he has been my healthy living inspiration, I’m trying to keep up with his insane weight loss and muscle building!). But the shopping day is still young, as I have chosen today as my triple points day.

Have a great Thursday night! xx

8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yunahsf
    Jul 10, 2015 @ 03:28:59

    i didnt make it back to lululemon last week which is for the best. my budget has been taking a beating. got caught in rag&bone sale.
    you’re good to the husband -shopping for him! i find shopping for mens clothing to be er, just no fun.
    you should do a post on cool workout shoes!


    • valleyoftheshoes
      Jul 10, 2015 @ 09:24:32

      Oh, I love Rag & Bone! They’re my favorite for Blazers.
      My husband usually loves my shopping picks, so it’s easy. Plus, I love it when he’s dressed in a sharp suit.
      My sneakers are not that exciting, they’re New Balance 860’s. But I did get them after getting fitted at a local running store and I tried on a bunch of different sneakers. The proper fit is so important, I’ve lost a few toenails to poorly fitted sneakers.


  2. Jenny
    Jul 10, 2015 @ 08:52:31

    You look great!!!


  3. Madie
    Jul 23, 2015 @ 13:39:44

    oh the elusive underarm/triceps! please, please share your tips on how to tone that stubborn flab away. Even when i was I fit, i used to lift heavy weights but i bulk so easily so i have avoided this. I’ve noticed low weights, high reps work in giving me the lean look but still that flab is there (though i must say much better vs. when i was very overweight….lol). Thanks, Jenny!


    • valleyoftheshoes
      Jul 23, 2015 @ 16:19:53

      Hi Jenny, thanks so much for your comment!


      For me, what has been working so far is the combination of the rowing machine, free weights (tricep dumbbell kickbacks) and the weight machine cable rope on the pulley (pull downs & overhead extensions). I’ve been going heavier with the weights as I get stronger and doing 3 sets each. I haven’t found that I’ve been bulking up that much, I’m just getting toned/defined. Oh, I also do the assisted dip machine (where you kneel and hold onto 2 side bars) for my tri’s. And you could always do stuff without weights like the rowing machine (trust me, this will tone up pretty much everything on your body, keep at it though), dips off a bench and good old-fashioned push ups. I recently started doing yoga classes at my gym and I love it. The stretches feel so good, but there are certain poses that require strength from various muscle groups. I think the stretching and holding positions lend themselves to a toned body and definitely not for bulking up in any way.


      Broken record, but the rowing machine is excellent. Chest, free weights (the classics of chest press & flyers, flat and on an incline), and shoulders (barbbell press, side laterals and I do a cross-shoulder raise). I also feel the lat pull down machine did great things for my underarms although that also involves back muscles (also very important). I do the chin assist (same machine as the dip assist, but you lift yourself up).

      I rotate my muscle group workouts: day 1 is legs/butt/abs; day 2 is back & biceps; day 3 chest, shoulders & triceps.

      Hope this helps you Jenny! Keep it up, it took a long time to get my results. But it was worth the wait and the work. 😉


      • Madie
        Jul 24, 2015 @ 17:23:31

        oh my, thank you so much for the thorough reply! I really appreciate it. i will have to re-read this again several times to really soak in every detail. I know this will work with some modifications of this at home since i dont have a gym membership. However my parents have one of those all-in-one nautilus machine so if i go to visit, that will get some use. 🙂

        I totally agree with you on stretching and holding them. I really didnt do much of that before and i did bulk up a lot. I’m the classic pear shape w/thick thighs (oh boy, another problem area that would never go away even when i was at my lowest weight in my 20’s….lol) .

        I’m going to chime in and say you look super awesome…getting to your level of fitness isnt easy esp since you dont have professional trainers/chefs like celebrities do. Honestly I think vanity is a small reward of being fit….the think the biggest is the amount of energy and positivity you have to conquer the day. i re-discovered this after i gained and lost lbs, so now i appreciate being fit more though I am in no way near your level of fitness. 😉 I bet you knew that already and that’s why you really keep it up! 🙂

        I am enjoying your style blog….i found your blog when googling for a picture/review for a certain Loft clothing article (i forgot which…lol). Loft is one of my fav. stores….another thing we have in common. Anyway, thank you again for your reply, and you have a great weekend. i’ll be around reading your posts!

      • valleyoftheshoes
        Jul 24, 2015 @ 17:48:15

        You made my day, Jenny! You really did and I sincerely appreciate so very much.

        I love that you have a better appreciation of your body and the work that it takes to be/stay fit. And I couldn’t agree more about the energy and positivity required for living well and healthy. You really inspired me with this! Thank you!

        Jenny, try out yoga at home. I bought a yoga mat at Walmart 5 years ago and didn’t open it until very recently. It had a yoga workout DVD inside, who knew? Lol. I also think there are free YouTube videos that have yoga tutorials or maybe there is a yoga show that you can DVR on your TV. Another reason I love yoga is that it’s relaxing and I feel more in touch with my head and body, if that makes sense. I enjoy yoga while I’m doing it, but not so much for cardio and weights some days.

        Please keep at it, you need to take care of yourself first before you can take care of someone or something else. I promise you will see and feel the results you want in the long run.

        That’s awesome you love Loft, it’s one of my favorite stores too!

        Thank you again and I’m here anytime you have a question or whatever else you’d like to discuss. You’re a rock star, Jenny!

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