missed you, madewell

It’s been awhile since I purchased anything from Madewell, but an email about their 25% off promo on selected dresses (code YESPLEASE, it ends tonight) yesterday got me browsing online. Annnnd, I bought some stuff. None of which is a dress (of course, heh), but I’m still considering one dress in particular. A few weeks back, Madewell had emailed me a personalized one-time use 20% off code to lure me back into their fold, so it was a done deal. Here they are:


Denim skirt. I haven’t had a denim skirt in eons, but I like the broken-in look of this skirt and the longer length. I’ve been eyeing this skirt for awhile and it’s finally on sale!


Love how the denim skirt is styled here by Madewell. This is super easy to replicate with stuff already in my closet.


Navy slip-on sneakers. As you may know, I love navy. And, you can’t get anymore classic than Vans. Perforated leather and made in the USA, and it’s currently on sale for a great price. I’m wearing these with pretty much everything (and give my leopard slip-on sneakers a well-deserved break).


Anklet. Madewell makes the coolest inexpensive jewelry, hands down. And their gold-toned pieces don’t turn color immediately after purchasing them (this is why I stopped buying jewelry from Forever 21). I don’t have a gold-toned anklet, so this was kind of a must-have. I may wear this anklet all summer long, it’s got such a beachy vibe to it. This boho beauty is on sale too.


Raincoat. This raincoat was a total unexpected purchase for me. First, it’s not on sale and it’s on the pricey side. That’s where the 20% promo code was really helpful in knocking the price down. Second, I didn’t think I was in the market for this type of raincoat. I already have 2 trench coats (one black, the other light tan). But, they are strictly dry clean only. I need a raincoat for those not-so-precious moments in life, like for walking the dog. Bella is not a fan of the rain, so our walks take longer than normal for her to get situated.

This raincoat ticks all of the boxes. Machine washable. Big hood (so no umbrella needed). Made in the USA (by Woolrich, no less!). Longer length so my thighs and butt won’t get drenched. Roll-up sleeve tabs (comes in handy, trust). Lots of big pockets (to store all the essentials, because who wants their nice $$$ bag to get soaked?). Cool slate blue color with pops of traffic cone orange. What’s not to love about this workhorse of a raincoat?

So, that’s my haul from yesterday. Back to the Madewell “maybe” pile–besides the dress (I didn’t order the dress since you can’t stack promo codes on Madewell’s website and 25% is better than 20%), I also want a scarf. I’m sort of kicking myself for not discovering it yesterday so I could use the 20% promo code. But, I could exercise some restraint here and hold off on the dress and scarf for an eventual sale in the future (with the hopes they’re still in stock). Roll the dice, as they say. What I really need are bottom pieces since a lot of my jeans, shorts and skirts are too big. So, I need to channel my shopping focus there.

Have you bought anything cute lately, please share your finds. Have a great Thursday, xx.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. yunahsf
    Jun 05, 2015 @ 09:42:13

    love the color of that raincoat w/ orange accents.
    i was about to get that skirt – but no exchange/refund policy- I’ve never bought madewell ,so am unclear on sizing. i was going to order 2 & try. o well I’ll be in sf later this month & will drop by their store to get an idea about size. ( for the future that is, i bet that skirt is already sold out).


    • valleyoftheshoes
      Jun 05, 2015 @ 09:50:52

      Thanks Yunahsf! I’d maybe wait until you’re back in the US to buy so you can try it on first. But, I’d say Madewell is true to size for bottoms with numeric waist sizes. Since I’ve lost the weight, I’m not sure of my exact waist size now but I measured my waist and hips and followed their size chart. I ordered a size 26 skirt. I figured it’s a skirt so there’s wriggle room, as opposed to skinny jeans. I could hike it up or down with a skirt.

      Enjoy your weekend!


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