let’s talk about nails

This past winter wreaked havoc on my nails and cuticles. I’m also a chronic hand washer. My nails chip and break so easily and my cuticles are so dry. I knew I had to up my nail game, so I bought this cuticle oil:


Butter London Handbag Holiday cuticle oil.

I’ve never used a cuticle oil before, I just used hand lotion. Well, color me a cuticle oil convert. I simply brush the oil on my cuticles for both my toenails and fingernails. Then I rub the oil into my cuticles and nails. The oil absorbs quickly and the smell is pleasant. My skin doesn’t feel oily at all and you see and feel a big difference immediately. The cuticles become super soft and my nails have a healthy sheen. I apply this right before I fall asleep and if my hands need some fast relief. Also, I apply it before I give myself a manicure and pedicure. Although, I do wash my hands before putting on my base coat since you want a squeaky clean nail bed. Plus, a little oil goes a long way and the bottle is pretty big with lots of product. So, I highly recommend it. I’ve also read that cuticle oil can help extend your manicure. You just rub it as you normally would and it makes the polish shiny and hydrates the cuticle area so it won’t dry out and cause your nail polish to chip there.

Now, moving on to nail polish. You may already know I love my Chanel nail polish. Their colors are original, many other brands make dupes of Chanel’s nail colors. But they are pricey for nail polish. Then I read about Tom Ford nail polish on Jill’s blog, Everything Just So, and saw the Bitter Bitch color on Neiman Marcus’s Instagram feed. Tom Ford is even more expensive than Chanel (gulp). But, I wanted this deep color and I loved the Bitter Bitch name (it’s an inside joke for me). Here it is:


Tom Ford nail lacquer in Bitter Bitch; Cartier tank watch; Rebecca Minkoff dog clip leather bracelet (old); JC Penney camo scarf (old).

First, please excuse the polish on my thumb. This nail polish is thick and the color is so intense, you really have to focus to avoid mistakes. I even used an orange stick to clean up the edges, but missed my thumb (oops).

I thought this color would be more purple but it’s the color of Pinot noir. As stated, the consistency is thick and the first coat goes on streaky. But after I put on the second coat, the color was dramatic. And it was super shiny, hence the lacquer name I guess. Bitter bitch reminds me of Revlon’s Toast of New York color from the 1990’s, which I was obsessed with (I wore the lipstick and nail color constantly). I really love this color, it looks great with my shorter nail length. I’m also very intrigued by the Black Jade color in the same Tom Ford Spring Collection. Oh boy, looks like my Chanel nail polish bottles will have to make some room.

Do you have Tom Ford nail polishes and what do you think of them? Any new nail colors that you’ve fallen in love with?

I promise to post the Amalfi, Italy pictures. I took so many pics with my new digital camera, I need to cull through it all. TGIF!!


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