KOKO, baby

We just watched a wonderful documentary, Keep On Keepin’ On, over the weekend (via Netflix DVD). The endearing friendship between the renowned jazz musician, Clark Terry, and his protege, Justin Kauflin, was inspirational and heart-warming. Here’s the trailer:

We loved Clark Terry’s advice to Justin Kauflin about achieving a plateau of positivity in order to overcome life’s obstacles, whether they be external or self-inflicted. We will long remember this invaluable lesson, thank you CT.

In keeping with this theme, I achieved a couple of mini-milestones health-wise in the last month. A year ago, I had my annual bloodwork panel and it wasn’t great. High blood pressure and high cholesterol were the results. I had to make changes for the better, so I joined My Fitness Pal and bought a FitBit. Since then, I quickly realized that I needed to be acutely and constantly aware of what I was ingesting (no more mindless eating) and to keep moving (with a new daily goal of 10,000 steps). I had bloodwork done last month and my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are back in the healthy range. I know that losing weight and moving my body as much as possible were the keys to getting me back on the health track.

Over the weekend, I finally hit to 20 pound weight loss mark (I still can’t believe it):


Also, a follow-up to my workout top review (blog post here) where you can see the top (and me) in motion. By the way, I love the rowing machine, it’s low-impact and works out your entire body. It’s so efficient.


So, I’m going to keep on keepin’ on. Have a wonderful week, xx!


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