meet Bella

Guess who joined our little family this past Saturday?

This little girl, Bella!


We adopted Bella from a wonderful bulldog rescue (remember you save 2 lives when you adopt–the adopted pet plus the animal that gets to take his/her place at the rescue/shelter) and it was love at first sight. She’s 2 years old and is such a sweetheart. My husband grew up with a bulldog and he and his family are huge bulldog lovers (remember Henry from this post?). I think Bella loves us already and we definitely love her back.

So, I’ve been helping adjust to her new home (super easy, she’s instantly settled in) and trying to get her on a schedule and training her (small yet meaningful successes with each passing day). We are so lucky to have Bella in our lives, she melts my heart everyday.

Here are some more Bella pics (her favorite hobby is napping!):




Our first family photo (taken on Saturday, our first day together):


Do you have a pet? Please share your love for your pet(s) here.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bucklebuttonzip
    Feb 11, 2015 @ 16:08:24

    Wonderful news! I’m so happy for you guys and Bella looks like she’s pretty psyched about her new home. Love the photo of her napping. She looks like a pro.

    We adopted a lab / schnauzer mix a year and half ago and he lights up our whole house. Such a personality. I grew up with cats, but my husband is allergic, so we’ve only had dogs together. Wish we could have one of each though.

    Congrats to you!


  2. elb743
    Feb 12, 2015 @ 14:43:55

    What a cute dog, and a perfect name! I am so glad you rescued that magnificent creature! I am sure you will all get alot of love. I have a shit-zu.. she is darling!
    xx, Elle


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