check it out on netflix

We just watched two documentaries last night on Netflix streaming and I wanted to share them with you. Here are their trailers:

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2. We watched the first Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead a few years ago and it helped motivate us to juice vegetables and fruits as well as considering a predominantly plant-based diet. The health benefits are immeasurable. Joe Cross, the creator, is back with a reboot where he checks in on some of the people he featured in his first film and the awe-inspiring ripple effect around the world of those who started the reboot of juicing or eating more of a plant-based diet. This film is realistic that weight-loss maintenance isn’t easy, even for Joe, but I love that he said you can reboot anytime and get back on the veggie & fruit train. We saved this documentary on My List so we can get motivation anytime we need it.

Living on One Dollar. Wow, what an eye-opener of a film. Four college kids go to a rural village in Guatemala for 56 days and have a budget of $56 total. Their experience is documented so well and it shows the struggles, generous spirit and raw ambition of the people living in abject poverty. The film states that 1.1 billion people worldwide live on $1 or less a day. But, the film explores the ways that some people better their situation by pooling their money or taking advantage of micro financing. Yet, the daily mutually exclusive question of whether to send their child to school or to feed their family food for any given day exists. And if a family member gets really sick, or if there is a natural disaster, the situation is truly dire. This is a must-see and it’s only an hour long.

Check out the films, you won’t regret it. Stay warm today! xx


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