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Happy Christmas Eve! I think I’m finally seeing the end of the tunnel of this neverending cold (going on 2+ weeks). I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix while recuperating and I wanted to share a great documentary in the hopes that you will enjoy watching it as much as I did.


94 year-old Ilona Royce Smithkin graces the movie poster.

It’s Advanced Style, which is made by blogger Ari Seth Cohen and director Lina Plioplyte and profiles some of the NYC women Ari photographs. You should also check out his blog of the same name. I loved this documentary because I drew inspiration and aspiration from these amazing ladies and their lives. They have fun with fashion and their outfits reflect their creative energy, which seems boundless. I really love how the women are direct and very candid about themselves, it’s refreshing and a great reminder that with age comes comes experience and self-examination.

I’ve seen this pin on Pinterest from Cohen’s blog and Joyce Carpati, 80 years old, perfectly expresses how I feel when I’m happy with my outfit (and my Chanel bag):


I was blown away by this 2012 Lanvin advertisement that features 84 year-old Jacquie “Tajah” Murdoch:


I’ll leave you with the movie trailer, enjoy!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! xx


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. elle
    Dec 30, 2014 @ 18:41:52

    What a great and unexpected post! Love the second photo the most, her joy is palpable, Old age and style is rarely put to light! Well done!
    xx, elle


  2. bucklebuttonzip
    Jan 09, 2015 @ 15:01:56

    I saw this over the holidays and was taken in by their style, humor and wisdom. They are all such lovely ladies and downright obsessed with style.


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