maui: part 3 road to hana


Forever 21 chambray shirt (old); GAP Essential short-sleeve V-neck tee in white; J.Crew Factory madras shorts (old) & flip flops (old); Madewell FairEnds camo baseball hat.


Sixty-eight miles of natural beauty. I highly recommend driving the Road to Hana if you visit Maui. It was the best short road trip of my life. The winding narrow roads and bridges through the lush rainforest were fun to drive. There were amazing beaches, all different in character from each other. Waterfalls seemed to be everywhere, stunning doesn’t even cover it.

I wish we could have hit more of the stops on our drive (like swim under a waterfall), but we had to return the car rental later in the day. So, allow for enough time for this road trip. You need at least one day dedicated to driving and I wouldn’t do it when it’s dark. There were cute hotels near the end if you wanted to do one leg of the drive on one day, crash overnight and then drive back the following day.

We really enjoyed our lunch at one of the few side stands on Hana Highway. We ordered delicious food that reminded me of the many shrimp trucks along the North Shore of Oahu.

The amazing Maui sunset was the best way to end our perfect day in Maui.


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