colorful kicks


Nike Air Pegasus ’83 Sneakers in mica green orange.


Women’s New Balance for J.Crew 620 Sneakers in neon citrus.

I cannot wait for spring to arrive. I will be ready with some color to jolt me back from the current ice age. I’ve been eyeing throwback sneakers on bloggers and J.Crew for awhile. You know you’re older when you remember the original versions of these sneakers, ha. I loved them back then and I love the super colorful iterations of today. I figured the 2 pairs of sneakers I just purchased online from J.Crew would make for practical walking shoes and I’ve rekindled my fitness aspirations (looking at you, 2014 resolutions). So there you have it. These will be perfect for walking/biking around town, taking in the sights on vacations, what have you.

I’ve pinned some styling ideas for the sneakers, which you can find on my Pinterest board here:

Stay warm.


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