Isabel Marant x H&M


Veni, vedi, veci the Isabel Marant for H&M collaboration. I have long been an Isabel Marant fan, most especially of her shoes and jackets. So, I was anxiously awaiting the launch last Thursday. Thankfully, I pounced because most of the women’s collection is sold out online and in stores.

Unfortunately, the signature jacket will be returned.


I knowingly bought it 2 sizes too small, but yet interestingly enough, there was dead space in the shoulders which poufed out further than my actual shoulders. I looked like a Parisian linebacker.

I’m on the fence about the black leather pants. They are seriously gorgeous and they fit everything but my waist, gah. Leather is supposed to stretch out over time, but I would be asking for a miracle here. I’m debating whether to exchange them for the white leather version of the pants, in the next size up.

The boots are my favorite. The fringe moves when you move, love that. And the slouchy shape that is the signature of Isabel Marant’s style is totally there (see also the dress above). The pumps are super fun and they match with everything. I love the jewelry too.

I think this is the best high-low collaboration ever. It’s the first time I’ve ever bought more than 1 or 2 pieces of a collection.

Did you check it out?


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