ASOS Rib Sweater with Hem Detail in Navy; 7FAM ‘Gwenevere’ grey skinny jeans, cuffed (old); Report ‘Marks’ bootie in Luggage; H&M neon pink rhinestone necklace (recent purchase in store).

This is the other sweater I ordered from ASOS, so comfortable and warm.  I love the split hem on the sides of the sweater.  It’s a cheaper dupe of the Alexander Wang split hem sweater I’ve been eyeing for a while.  I also bought another neon rhinestone necklace from H&M.  I wear the heck out of my H&M yellow neon rhinestone necklace, so I figured pink would add to the fun.

I went running today and it was gorgeous outside.  Warm and sunny, a great day to work off the Turkey Day calories.  I just bought a running app for my iPhone, Run Training, and it’s really cool.  I ran for about an hour, close to 6 miles!  Well, 5.93 miles to be exact.  It’s just another thing that gets me motivated to move.  I need all the help I can get.

Here are some pics of the scenery along the way (of my favorite city, of course).  The last 2 images show a remnant of Hurricane Sandy, unbelievable, right?



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