My New Favorite Perfume

I’m in love with my new fragrance that I received as a Christmas gift.  It’s Cartier’s Baiser Vole and I have the 1.6 oz sized bottle.  A couple of months ago, I was leafing through the Saks catalogue and I opened the perfume strip for Baiser Vole.  I normally don’t do this since most perfumes give me a headache but figured what the heck and just sniff and then toss the catalogue.  I was hooked right away and there’s was something in the fragrance that I was drawn to.  I googled reviews of this fragrance and discovered it’s based on the lily flower, which is my favorite flower scent.

I love how the scent smells of lilies right off the bat but then becomes this powdery and fresh warmth that subtly lingers on you.  Not strong so as to induce a headache but definite staying power where you can enjoy it for the rest of the day or night without having to re-spray.

I dig the bottle too, it looks like an old-fashioned cigarette lighter where the top opens up to the atomizer.

My husband loves this fragrance on me, so much so that he asked me to wear only this perfume when we’re together.  Baiser Vole means ‘stolen kiss’ in French and I can totally see why.  How’s that for alluring?  😉



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