My 3 Favorite Skin Care Items

I’m planning to replenish my skin care and make up very soon, so I took stock of my favorite Holy Grail items.  Here are three that I absolutely love because they have proven their worth to me and my fussy skin. 

For the record and to give you a frame of reference, I have oily skin but it has gotten more combination as the years pass.  I also have problem skin that gets the occasional pimple and I usually battle with little bumps (usually whiteheads) on my forehead, chin, nose and sometimes my cheeks.  The upside to oily and problem skin is that I don’t have wrinkles.  Yet.  I have noticed the parenthesis lines around my mouth during the winter time, but it goes away if I use moisturizer.  The skin on my forehead, around and in between my eyes still look pretty good.  I also remember to treat my neck and decolletage.

1. and 2.  Origins Brighter By Nature High-Potency Brightening Peel with Fruit Acids and Origins Brighter By Nature Skin Tone Correcting Serum.

It’s a one-two punch to get smooth and polished skin.  I use these 2 products together, once or twice a week at night.  I use the peel pads first after cleansing my face and neck.  Then the serum all over my face and neck, except for my eye cream/serum on the skin around my eyes.

I love facials at Bliss Spa and will usually get the glycolic peel add-on since I feel a difference in my skin where it’s polished and smooth.  It feels and looks like my under layers of skin have come to the surface.  I get comparable results using the Origins peel pads and the skin serum for a LOT less than the cost of a Bliss Spa facial.

3.  Decleor Exfoliating Cream.

I had a great spa facial a couple of years ago and they used Decleor products (I’ve never heard of this brand before).  At the time, I had hormonal acne and it was so painful to touch the problem areas.  They exfoliated with Decleor Exfoliating Cream and I loved it because there are no exfoliating particles which can aggravate or irritate your skin.  I bought a tube after the facial and really love the fact that it exfoliates your face and neck but without any irritation.

I’m a big believer in exfoliating but even when my face was clear, I hated when regular exfoliators would irritate my skin and cause some angry little bumps (or I would hold off on exfoliating if my face was broken out to avoid further aggravation).  I’ve asked facialists at other spas and they all said that Decleor was a good brand of skincare products (even when they were trying to push their spa’s products).

I use this exfoliator once a week, maybe twice, if my face needs it.

What are your holy grail skin care items?  Have you tried any of my recommendations and if so, what do you think?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jenny S
    Nov 27, 2011 @ 14:00:47

    I love the peel pads and serum as well- I also love the moisturizer with SPF from Origins. A great cleanser/scrub for in the shower is Arden Intervene 3 in 1 Cleanser- It is light and has little beads for scrubbing.


  2. MavJen
    Dec 01, 2011 @ 01:50:32

    @JennyS–Ooh, good to know about the Origins moisturizer with SPF! I have used the Elizabeth Arden 3 in 1 facial cleanser and really liked it. Thanks so much for your great suggestions!!


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