Versace at H&M

Whenever I hear about Donatella Versace, I think of Maya Randolph’s SNL impression of her:

Comedy Gold

The US launch is set for this Saturday, November 19th.  The line holds true to the Versace aesthetic but I don’t know if this collaboration line is my style.  I love it and it’s sleek but I would have gone for these looks 10 years ago when I had the body for them.  Now, not so much.

Maybe I shouldn’t summarily rule it out.  Maybe there’s a top or skirt that would be flattering.  Plus, you can never go wrong with accessories.  But, I am not going anywhere near the shopping frenzy at the store.  So, hopefully there will be a few pieces left if I get to my nearest H&M, but I doubt it.  I will forever remember the Target-Missoni fiasco.  Plus, I’ve read reports of insane lines and crowds in China and London.

If you are brave and wait in line at your H&M on Friday night, here are a few looks that I really like:

See anything you like from the collaboration line?  If not, do you remember the SNL Donatella skits?


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