shopping freeze is ovah

Okay, I made it for the whole month of October without one purchase of a fashion or beauty related item.  It wasn’t too hard, I just stayed away from the shopping mall and stand alone shops and I did not click open any of the many emails I get from retailers.

I also was well trained when my husband and I lived in London for 3 years.  It really killed me to pay more money for the same exact item just because the exchange rate was unfavorable to the US dollar.  So, if you can believe this, I only bought 2 pairs of shoes (Duchess Kate’s favorite nude pumps, L.K. Bennett) the whole time I was there.  Well, my husband bought me a beautiful gift in Paris but that was not my doing.  And I shopped whenever I was back in the US for a visit.

So, these are the 2 items I just bought, a Michael Kors wool scarf in Poppy (at the Nordstrom store) and a Marc by Marc Jacobs crossbody bag in Faded Aluminum (online from Shopbop).

The scarf was not on sale at Nordstrom (nothing good was on sale for the Half-Yearly Sale at the Nordstrom’s I visited), but it caught my eye with the bright and cheery orange color.  I put it on and it complemented my skin tone and the wool was soft and not scratchy.  Also, it’s long enough to wrap around a few times so it looks like an infinity scarf or snood, which is on trend right now.  It made me happy and winter is my least favorite season, so anything that makes me smile when it’s cold and grey outside is good enough for me.

The crossbody bag has been an item I’ve been searching for awhile now.  I have an ugly small crossbody that I only use for vacations.  The crossbody is so convenient, but every darn vacation photo has this ugly bag.  A new one was long overdue and the Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha turnlock bag fit the bill.  I tried it on at the Nordstrom store and love the length of the strap, the perfect size and zipper top for a major compartment of the bag.  The leather is buttery soft.  Nordstrom only had black and I wanted another neutral color that would work with all colors and wouldn’t look so dark in the spring and summer months.  So, off to Shopbop and they had it in grey.  Perfect, seriously perfect.  Can’t wait to get this delivered!

Any favorite recent purchases you’d like to share?  Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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