Win Win

I’m going to switch it up for the weekend.  That’s when my husband and I get caught up on watching our favorite TV shows and new movies together.  We really enjoyed Win Win (we ordered on demand but Netflix has the DVD available now).

I love Paul Giamatti, he can do no acting wrong in my eyes.  He did an amazing job in his role as Mike Flaherty, a stressed out attorney who needs to get out of financial troubles–fast.  The rest of the cast was amazing, I’m a big fan of Amy Ryan (The Wire, Gone Baby Gone) and Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development).  But I was impressed with Alex Shaffer, who plays Kyle Timmons.  His delivery is deadpan and realistic for a (troubled) teenager.  Rent this movie, it’s a good and positive story.

Here’s my other movie pick you should check out for an inspirational and true story:

My husband and I are anxiously awaiting the Sons of Anarchy–Season 3 DVD’s from Netflix.  We watched the first 2 seasons within record time and waited for the recent Season 3 DVD release.  I’m recording Season 4 (currently on FX) on the DVR, but we want to watch Season 3 first.

Man, we love this show.

Hopefully, you are experiencing some nice fall weather.  But if it’s cold and grey outside, curl up on the couch and be entertained.


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