It was a Steve Madden kinda night…

I just bought 4 pairs of shoes.  At least my blog is aptly named, right?  It started off innocently enough, I swear.  I’ve been lusting after the Isabel Marant Dicker bootie (as seen on since Kate Bosworth, other celebs and many a blogger) for forever.

Thankfully for my wallet, they are sold out and/or no longer available so I won’t be blowing $600+ on a pair of booties.  Also thankfully, a couple of bloggers led me to Steve Madden’s Pembrook bootie for a cheaper dupe.  Got mine in the taupe suede.  I got a 10% off discount code for signing up on their website and it was good for about 24 hours.  I saw this as as opportunity to stock up on flat shoes and boots for this fall and winter.  I’m trying to be kind to my feet and give them a break from high heels and pinched toe boxes.

So, these are the others that I’ve ordered:  the Flankk motorcycle bootie in black leather and 2 pairs of the Madee smoking or tuxedo flats in leopard calf hair and taupe suede.  Oh, and to further satiate my leopard print addiction, a calf hair belt.  I picked the Madees as an alternative to ballet flats for when it gets cold.  The tops of my feet get chilly, even with my tights or socks on.  I figured it will be better coverage to keep the cold out.  It’s funny, I had a pair of these smoking flats back in high school, in the 80’s.  Mine were black suede and they looked so grown up with my black leggings.  I was into lots of black clothing back then, a new wave chick.  Was I ahead of my time or is every fashion item on a loop that gets replayed every 20 years?

The Flankk moto boots were inspired by this Chanel Spring/Summer 2011 ad campaign image:

Love the tough juxtaposed with the ultra feminine.  I *heart* Chanel.


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