Is this thing on?

Welcome to my new blog!  I have no idea how to set this up but I hope I’m a quick study.  We shall see.

I plan on discussing my love of shoes, purses, clothes, food, wine, films, etc. on this blog and show you stuff that catches my eye.  Warning: I have expensive taste, but I am also frugal.  Frugality usually wins (kinda, sorta), but I look to the high-end stuff first for inspiration.  I’ll start with a few things I’ve been lusting after lately.

I have wanted this Tom Ford motorcycle zip bag ever since I’ve seen the recent paparazzi photos of Jen Aniston.  The bad news:  I’ve read online that it costs approximately $4,000.  Uh, that’s a smidge out there in price for me.  But I can still appreciate the luxe leather and tough zipper details of the bag.  Jen’s been dressing less Cali and a little more downtown NYC lately and I like it.  She wears it well.

Okay, I need to show you my shoe crush from afar.  This baby is from the Alexander Wang Fall 2011 collection and it’s called the Luisa.  This is the coolest shoe I’ve seen in awhile.  I can see these with opaque tights and rocking an all black / monochromatic outfit.  The silver is unexpected on the shoe.  I am loving the other shoes from this collection but I could totally see myself wearing these shoes.  I’ll have to sleep on it to consider purchasing since they are $550.  If you like them too and want to purchase, click here.  Oh, if you do, I’m jealous but happy for you.


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